jde / lisp / makefile.sample

# $Revision$
# The following is a sample makefile 
# for use with the JDE->Build command.
# Makefile for JMath project.
JDK = d:/jdk1.2/lib/
JMATH = d:/jmath/src
COMPILER = javac
VM = java
COPTIONS = -g -deprecation

CLASSES = Test.class \
          JMathError.class \
          JMathException.class \

.SUFFIXES: .java .class

all : $(CLASSES)

# Rebuild (if necessary) and run the JMath test suite.
run: $(CLASSES)
	$(VM) -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)" jmath.Test

# Remove all class files from the project directory.
	rm *.class

# Implicit rule for making Java class files from Java
# source files.
	$(COMPILER) $(COPTIONS) -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)"  $?
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