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JDE 2.3.2

*                         PLEASE READ                         *
*                                                             *
* This release requires semantic 1.4beta13 (or later),        *
* speedbar 0.14beta2 (or later), and                          *
* eieio-0.17beta3 (or later). You can obtain all three        *
* packages at                    *
*                                                             *
* This release requires version 1.2.2 (or later) of the       *
* JDK.                                                        *
*                                                             *
* This release also requires avltree.el, which is part of the *
* elib 1.0 package. You can obtain elib at the JDE web site   *
* in compressed tar (      *
* or zip ( format.             *
*                                                             *
* JDEbug runs on Windows 2000 only if Service Pack 2 (or      *
* later) is installed.                                        *
*                                                             *
* If syntax-coloring does not work, download and install      *
* overlay-fix.el from the semantic web site.                  *
*                                                             *

* Fixes incompatibility between jde-ant-enable-find and
  jde-ant-read-buildfile. If both are enabled, the value for
  jde-ant-read-buildfile is used as a default if it is valid.
* Fixes bug in the Java ant invocation method. Quoting the classpath 
  with double quotes was not working in Windows systems.

* Fixes ant target history to be buildfile specific.

* Fixes bug that caused the compile command to fail when jikes
  is the compiler and jde-compiler does not specify the path of the
  jikes executable.

* Fixes bug that cause the interface wizard to incorrectly
  generate names of method parameters that are arrays of
  user-defined types.

  Thanks to Alphonse Bendt for reporting this bug.

* Fixed bug in definition for 

  Thanks to Paul Krause.

* Enhance the following code templates

    - jde-gen-interface-buffer-template
    - jde-gen-console-buffer-template
    - jde-gen-jfc-app-buffer-template
    - jde-gen-junit-test-class-buffer-template

  to use the following javadoc templates instead of
  literal text

    - jde-javadoc-author-tag-template
    - jde-javadoc-version-tag-template
    - jde-javadoc-end-block-template

  Thanks to Peter Dobratz.

* Fixes bug that caused inadvertent setting of transient mark mode
  on some user's systems when the user executes the JDE->Help->Symbol
  at Point command.

  Thanks to James Cox.

* Fixed a bug in the jde-project-update command caused by treating 
  "." as a standard relative path character instead of a project 
  file relative path character.

* Added the jde-update-package command to the JDEE's Code Generation
  menu as JDE->Code Generation->Wizards->Update Package Statement.

* The JDEE now loads the jde-package-update command on demand instead
  of at startup. This change is intended to help reduce the JDEE
  startup time.

* Project-relative paths now work for jde-javadoc-gen-destination-directory.

* Fix bug in generation of jde-checkstyle-option-lcurly-method option. 
  Thanks to ABE Yasushi.

* The JDEE now comes with the latest version (1.2.7) of the BeanShell.

* The JDEE distribution now include jde-ejb.el, which was inadvertently
  omitted from the previous release.

JDE 2.3.1

* Normalizes jde-ant-buildfile before using it.
  Thanks to Luis Miguel Hernanz <> 

* Adds jde-ant-working-directory.

* Fixes infinite recursion bug when a project file specifies
  jde-ant-build as the jde-build-function. 

* Enhances interface wizard to support implementation of
  interfaces that reference inner classes.

JDE 2.3.0

* This release supports the correct vm command line arguments
  for the version of the JDK specified by the jde-jdk
  customization variable.

* Fixed bug wherein the JDEE was generating the wrong
  command line switch for the display classes option of the
  jde-run-option-verbose option for post JDK 1.1.x vms.

* The name of the jde-run-option-connect-to-debugger variable
  has changed to jde-run-option-debug.

* Adds the following run application customization variables:

  - jde-run-option-boot-classpath
  - jde-run-option-interpret-mode
  - jde-run-option-jar
  - jde-run-option-hotspot-type
  - jde-run-option-enable-assertions
  - jde-run-option-disable-assertions
  - jde-run-option-enable-system-assertions
  - jde-run-option-disable-system-assertions

* The JDEE now builds the class list used by its wizards
  to resolve unqualified class names from the CLASSPATH
  environment variable if jde-global-classpath for
  the current project is nil.

* Fixed regression introduced in JDEE that 
  caused symbols to be listed more than once in the 
  jde-symbol-list variable under some circumstances. This in turn 
  caused symbols to be set multiple times in a prj.el file.

* Changes the default value for jde-gen-class-buffer-template to
  use the relevant tempo-template-jde-javadoc instead of literal 
  text. This way jde-gen-class-buffer reflects, for example, a 
  change to tempo-template-jde-javadoc-author-tag. Thanks to 
  Peter Dobratz <>.

* Patched the class list code to change dollar signs ($) to
  periods (.) in converting class paths to class names. 
  This is intended to fix a bug in the interface wizard.

  Thanks to Petter Mahlen.