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Revert some ascii-character related changes, add some more, give sample text
for iso-8859-14.

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+2005-06-26  Aidan Kehoe  <>
+	* latin-euro-latin8.el: Add a coding cookie. 
+	* latin-euro-latin9.el: Add some sample text in old-orthography Irish. 
+	* latin-euro-latin9.el (set-character-of-keysym): New.
+	* latin-euro-latin9.el (get-character-of-keysym): New.
+	As implemented in 21.5
+	* latin-euro-latin9.el (define-keysym-as-char): Use the two
+	previous functions. 
 2005-05-24  Norbert Koch  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.05 released.

File latin-euro-latin8.el

-;;; latin-euro-latin8.el --- Define language environment
+;;; latin-euro-latin8.el --- Define language environment -*- coding: iso-2022-7 -*-
 ;; Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc
 		    (coding-priority iso-8859-14)
 		    (input-method . "latin-8-prefix")
-		     .
-		     ;; #### OK, who knows some Gaelic?
 		     ,(format "\
-Hey, if you know a Celtic language, send sample encoded text (eg, using
-\"dot-above\" characters) to  Please use a MIME
-application/octet-stream attachment if possible."
+Following is the first paragraph of Myles na gCopaleen's An B,_i(Bal Bocht, ,_)(B
+Eibhl,_m(Bn N,_m(B Nuall,_a(Bin, 1941, 1999.  The first asterisked word is a rendering
+of \"diversions\" in Irish orthography, and the second \"adventures\":
+\"T,_a(B na nithe at,_a(B luaithe agam sa scr,_m(Bbhinn seo ,_a(B gcur agam ann de ,_"(Br,_m(B go
+,_"(Bfuil an saol eile ag druidim liom go sciobtha -- i ,_"(Bfad uainn go l,_i(Bir an
+drochrud agus n,_a(Br aithn,_m(B an t-ainspiorad mar ,_"(Br,_a(Bthair m,_i(B -- agus f,_s(Bs 'mar
+n,_a(B beidh ,_a(Br leith,_i(Bid,_m(B ar,_m(Bs ann.' Is c,_s(Bir cu,_m(B go gcuirf,_m(B ar f,_a(Bil don ,_5(Buintir
+a leanann sinn faisn,_i(Bis ,_i(Bigin ar na dibheairseans* agus na haidbhintiurs** a
+bh,_m(B ann len,_a(Br linn mar nach mbeidh ,_a(Br sampla,_m(B ar,_m(Bs ann go br,_a(Bch agus mar
+nach mbeidh aon saol ,Az(Bd againne nach ,_"(Bfuil anois ann. \"
+* scl,_i(Bip
+** eachtra,_m(B"
 		    (documentation . "\
 This is a generic language environment for Latin-8 (ISO-8859-14).  It

File latin-euro-latin9.el

+(defun-when-void set-character-of-keysym (keysym character)
+  "Make CHARACTER be inserted when KEYSYM is pressed, 
+and the key has been bound to `self-insert-command'.  Contrary to the case
+with `get-character-of-keysym', KEYSYM may only be a symbol, characters are
+forbidden.  "
+  (check-argument-type 'symbolp keysym) 
+  (check-argument-type 'characterp character)
+  (put keysym 'ascii-character character))
+(defun-when-void get-character-of-keysym (keysym)
+  "Return the character inserted when KEYSYM is pressed, 
+and the key is bound to `self-insert-command'.  "
+  (check-argument-type 'symbolp keysym)
+  (event-to-character (make-event 'key-press (list 'key keysym))))
 ;; #### move these to a separate file for keysyms
 ;; These are all the ones not in Latin-1.
 	 (unless (lookup-key global-map (vector keysym))
 	   (define-key global-map (vector keysym) #'self-insert-command))
 	 ;; Belt and braces ... 
-	 (unless (get keysym 'character-of-keysym)
-	   (put keysym 'character-of-keysym character))
-	 (unless (get keysym 'ascii-character)
-	   (put keysym 'ascii-character character)))
+	 (unless (get-character-of-keysym keysym)
+	   (set-character-of-keysym keysym character)))
        (foo (k o)
 	 (define-keysym-as-char k (make-char 'latin-iso8859-15 o))))
   (foo 'EuroSign   #x24)