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-*- mode: text; left-margin: 2; fill-column: 70; -*-

* Directory tree
  This package contains following directories:
  lisp/ - Emacs Lisp files.
  dcc/  - DCC external program source.
  doc/  - Documentation, info files, sample configuration, etc.
  etc/  - Miscellaneous files which decorate this program.
  Please read documentation under `doc' directory.

* Bug reports
  If you write bug reports and/or suggestions for improvement, 
  please send them to the Liece Mailing List.
  This mailing list is also for other general discussions (about
  future enhancements, customization, etc). To join the Liece ML,
  send an e-mail to:

  with the message body, 

       subscribe Your Name

  Development of Liece uses CVS, Concurrent Versions System.
  Latest developing version is available at CVS.
(0) logging in to anonymous CVS server.
    % cvs -d login

    CVS password: [CR] # NULL string
(1) checkout modules
    % cvs -d checkout liece
  Specify revision tag in front of the module name.

(2) bootstrapping
  % cd liece
  % ./bootstrap
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