liece / INSTALL

-*- mode: text; left-margin: 2; fill-column: 70; -*-

  This program is in very early developing stage. Please use at your
  own risk.
* Requirements

  Liece works under following environment at least.
  - Emacs 20.7
  - XEmacs 21.1 or later
  This package uses following libraries.
  - APEL 10.2 or later (stands for - "A Portable Emacs Library")

* Quick installation

  (Install APEL, then)
  % ./configure
  % make
  % su
  # make install
  If you are not able to become super-user, you may specify local
  directory to install.
  % ./configure --prefix=~/ --with-lispdir=~/elisp

* Configuration and running
** Setting up your ~/.emacs   
  If you are using Emacs 20.7, prepare `subdirs.el' with following
  contents, Emacs will find and append each substantial directory to
  `load-path' automagically.


  If you have never been using liece and/or its variants, 
  add an autoload setting into your `~/.emacs'.

  (autoload 'liece "liece" nil t)

  If you are using Emacs 20.7 and have never run Liece, run
  `etc/gnu-emacs-user-config' to prepare initial settings.
* Optional packages

  Following packages are optional. If install script of this package
  found them, it would use various functionality provided by them.

  X-Face utility

  bitmap-mule (for GNU Emacs only)