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package Makefile overhaul -- remove explicit targets, explicit specification of generated .el files, etc; all is done using directives [i.e. variables], as documented in XEmacs.rules

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 DATA_6_FILES = start-files/fr/locale-start.el start-files/fr/locale-start.elc
 DATA_6_DEST = start-files/fr
-ELCS = start-files/ja/locale-start.elc start-files/ro/locale-start.elc \
+LOCALE_ELCS = start-files/ja/locale-start.elc start-files/ro/locale-start.elc \
 include ../../XEmacs.rules
-# Override the default behaviour of including ELCS and the corresponding *.el
-# in files to be copied, they're handled with DATA_*(FILES|DEST) here due to
-# the dir/filename structure.
-	$(GENERATED) $(GENERATED:.elc=.el) $(AUTOLOAD_PATH)/_pkg.el
-compile:: $(ELCS) auto-autoloads.elc
-binkit: binkit-common
-	@echo This Package requires XEmacs/Mule to build
-# Noop
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