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+Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.6:
+ * Fix to work with GnuPG-1.0.5.
+ * Update docs to point to new home on SourceForge.
+ * Changes that have been languishing in CVS for, um, ages. (18 months? eek!)
+   * Bugfix in mh-rmail support.  Len's note says it "dropped the user into a
+     stupid buffer after decrypting a message".
+   * Bugfix in RMAIL "signature verified" status indicator (the "verified"
+     label). Old code got the flag backwards if you chose to replace the
+     encrypted message with the decrypted plaintext.  New code fixes that and
+     marks the message decrypted (and verified, if appropriate) even if you
+     just view it without replacing the original.
+ * Minor build fixes.
 Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.5:
  * GnuPG support is now compatible with versions through 1.0.
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