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 ;;{{{ Change Log
+;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5b1:
+;; * No bug fixes; in fact there are probably fresh new bugs.
+;; * Mailcrypt now supports PGP version 5.0 as well as version 2.6.*, and
+;;   can be toggled between "active versions" at will.  Every effort has
+;;   been made to ensure that what used to work, still works.
+;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.4:
+;; * Several bug fixes, mostly in the remailer functions.
+;; * `C-c / d' can now decode armor-only messages.
+;; * `C-c / e' with an empty recipient list now generates an armor-only
+;;   message.
+;; * Better support for Gnus 5 (formerly "(ding) Gnus"), including
+;;   decryption of messages in read-only groups.  Requires Gnus 5.0.4 or
+;;   higher.
+;; * Better support for recent versions (5.95+) of VM.
+;; * New option for remailer list entries: Positive integer N represents a
+;;   random permutation of the N "best" remailers as ordered in
+;;   `~/.remailers'.
+;; * New configuration variable `mc-pgp-always-fetch' to control attempts
+;;   to fetch PGP keys.  Legal values are t, 'never, and nil (the default).
+;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.3:
+;; * Numerous minor bugs have been fixed.
+;; * Mailcrypt now requires at least FSF Emacs version 19.28 or XEmacs
+;;   version 19.12.  Sorry, but anything else is too annoying.
+;; * Support has been added for reading mail under (ding) Gnus.
+;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.2:
+;; * Mailcrypt now uses "start-process" instead of "call-process-region" to
+;;   run PGP; this uses a pipe instead of a temp file for various inputs,
+;;   including your passphrase.  Ahem.
+;; * All Mailcrypt commands now start with the prefix `C-c /' to bring
+;;   Mailcrypt into line with documented GNU standards.
+;; * `mc-insert-public-key' is now bound to `C-c / x' (an in "extract")
+;;   instead of `C-c a'.
+;; * `mc-deactivate-passwd' is bound to `C-c / f' (as in "forget").
+;; * `mc-read-mode' and `mc-write-mode' are now full-blown minor modes.  So
+;;   you can do, for example, `M-x mc-install-write-mode' from a Text mode
+;;   buffer and have the normal encryption and signing commands available.
+;;   The keymaps for the modes are configurable variables.
+;; * Interactive commands `mc-encrypt-region', `mc-sign-region', etc. are
+;;   now defined.
+;; * If you use RMAIL and you say no to "Replace encrypted message with
+;;   decrypted?", you will be dropped into RMAIL mode for viewing.
+;; * RMAIL summary mode is now supported.
+;; * Documentation in the form of a Texinfo file is now part of the
+;;   distribution.
+;; * Mailcrypt can now fetch a needed key from finger, HTTP, or any of a
+;;   list of locally stored keyrings.  `C-c / k' initiates a fetch
+;;   manually; Mailcrypt will offer to initiate one automatically as
+;;   appropriate during encryption or signature verification.
+;; * The remailer functions now support Mixmaster.
+;; * `C-c / d' can handle conventionally encrypted messages.
 ;;{{{ Changes from 3.0:
 ;; * Generate a warning if some public keys are found while others
 ;;   are not during encryption.