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File mailcrypt.el

-;; mailcrypt.el v3.5.5, mail encryption with PGP
+;; mailcrypt.el v3.5.6, mail encryption with PGP
 ;; Copyright (C) 1995  Jin Choi <jin@atype.com>
 ;;                     Patrick LoPresti <patl@lcs.mit.edu>
 ;;           (C) 1998  Len Budney <lbudney@pobox.com>
+;;           (C) 2001  Brian Warner <warner@lothar.com>
 ;; Any comments or suggestions welcome.
 ;; Inspired by pgp.el, by Gray Watson <gray@antaire.com>.
   ;; Quiet warnings
   (autoload 'start-itimer "itimer")
   (autoload 'cancel-itimer "itimer")
-  (autoload 'delete-itimer "itimer")
-  (autoload 'cancel-timer "timer"))
+  (autoload 'delete-itimer "itimer"))
 (require 'easymenu)
 (require 'comint)
 ;;{{{ User variables.
-(defconst mc-version "3.5.5")
+(defconst mc-version "3.5.6")
 (defvar mc-temp-directory "/tmp"
   "*Default temp directory to be used by Mailcrypt.")
 (defvar mc-default-scheme 'mc-scheme-pgp "*Default encryption scheme to use.")
 (defalias 'mailcrypt-insert-public-key 'mc-insert-public-key)
 (defalias 'mailcrypt-snarf 'mc-snarf)
 (provide 'mailcrypt)