mailcrypt / NEWS

Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.8:

 * mc-remail.el updated to support modern remailers (as defined by MixMaster
   version 2.9b33, on sourceforge). Closes most of SF#583330.

 ** the 'Subject:' header is now put in the ## section instead of the ::
    section, so remailers should copy them into the final message.

 ** Use Anon-To: instead of Request-Remailing-To

 * fixed mc-gpg.el to cache passphrases by keyid instead of name; this will
   help users who have multiple secret keys with the same name but different
   passphrases. Closes Debian #161691.

 * less noteworthy changes:

 ** added copy of GPL, since mailcrypt is distributed separately from Emacs

 ** Added unit test for anonymous remailer support. Encrypting through a
    basic remailer chain can now be verified, if you have python and
    py-gnupg installed.

 ** docs: updated 'finger' addresses for remailer lists again, since they
    keep moving

Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.7:

 * Integration with the Mew mail client: added hooks to use in Mew summary,
   draft, and message buffers. Note that Mew handles PGP-MIME (RFC3156,
   "multipart/encrypted") messages by itself; this is just for traditional
   armored "in-line" encryption.

 * Gnus updates, now usable in summary buffer

 * Less noteworthy changes:

 ** Added a unit test framework. GnuPG decryption now has test coverage.

 ** GnuPG updates

 ** MH fix to handle latest versions of mh-e that use read-only message buffers

 ** Don't use hardwired /tmp directory, might fix some problems on NT.

Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.6:

 * Fix to work with GnuPG-1.0.5.

 * Update docs to point to new home on SourceForge.

 * Changes that have been languishing in CVS for, um, ages. (18 months? eek!)

   * Bugfix in mh-rmail support.  Len's note says it "dropped the user into a
     stupid buffer after decrypting a message".

   * Bugfix in RMAIL "signature verified" status indicator (the "verified"
     label). Old code got the flag backwards if you chose to replace the
     encrypted message with the decrypted plaintext.  New code fixes that and
     marks the message decrypted (and verified, if appropriate) even if you
     just view it without replacing the original.

 * Minor build fixes.


Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.5:

 * GnuPG support is now compatible with versions through 1.0.

Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.4:

 * None, really; this is a bugfix release.


Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.3:

 * Added support for the Horowitz Key Protocol. PGP5 key fetching is

 * Fixed a minor compatibility bug between GPG 0.9.3 and Mailcrypt.

Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5.2:

 * Added key fetching for PGP 5.0. Uses finger or HTTP, but not hkp yet.

 * Fixed a bug which dumped GNUS users into the wrong buffer after
   verifying a signature.

 * Fixed a compatibility bug between XEmacs and FSF Emacs in

 * Fixed a bug in mh-e support so that users can view decrypted
   messages without saving them.

 * Several minor bugfixes.


Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5b4:

 * Fixed a bug which broke encryption to multiple recipients (PGP 5).

 * Fixed a bug which broke encryption of 8-bit data and files (PGP 5).

 * Fixed the missing "timer.el" problem.  Now Mailcrypt should run
   properly for Xemacs users.

 * Eliminated some silly shell and perl scripts.

 * Updated the README to reduce installation difficulties (I hope).


Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5b1:

 * No bug fixes; in fact there are probably fresh new bugs.

 * Mailcrypt now supports PGP version 5.0 as well as version 2.6.*, and
   can be toggled between "active versions" at will.  Every effort has
   been made to ensure that what used to work, still works.