mailcrypt / ONEWS

;;{{{ Change Log
;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.5b1:
;; * No bug fixes; in fact there are probably fresh new bugs.
;; * Mailcrypt now supports PGP version 5.0 as well as version 2.6.*, and
;;   can be toggled between "active versions" at will.  Every effort has
;;   been made to ensure that what used to work, still works.
;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.4:
;; * Several bug fixes, mostly in the remailer functions.
;; * `C-c / d' can now decode armor-only messages.
;; * `C-c / e' with an empty recipient list now generates an armor-only
;;   message.
;; * Better support for Gnus 5 (formerly "(ding) Gnus"), including
;;   decryption of messages in read-only groups.  Requires Gnus 5.0.4 or
;;   higher.
;; * Better support for recent versions (5.95+) of VM.
;; * New option for remailer list entries: Positive integer N represents a
;;   random permutation of the N "best" remailers as ordered in
;;   `~/.remailers'.
;; * New configuration variable `mc-pgp-always-fetch' to control attempts
;;   to fetch PGP keys.  Legal values are t, 'never, and nil (the default).
;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.3:
;; * Numerous minor bugs have been fixed.
;; * Mailcrypt now requires at least FSF Emacs version 19.28 or XEmacs
;;   version 19.12.  Sorry, but anything else is too annoying.
;; * Support has been added for reading mail under (ding) Gnus.
;;{{{ Noteworthy changes in Mailcrypt version 3.2:
;; * Mailcrypt now uses "start-process" instead of "call-process-region" to
;;   run PGP; this uses a pipe instead of a temp file for various inputs,
;;   including your passphrase.  Ahem.
;; * All Mailcrypt commands now start with the prefix `C-c /' to bring
;;   Mailcrypt into line with documented GNU standards.
;; * `mc-insert-public-key' is now bound to `C-c / x' (an in "extract")
;;   instead of `C-c a'.
;; * `mc-deactivate-passwd' is bound to `C-c / f' (as in "forget").
;; * `mc-read-mode' and `mc-write-mode' are now full-blown minor modes.  So
;;   you can do, for example, `M-x mc-install-write-mode' from a Text mode
;;   buffer and have the normal encryption and signing commands available.
;;   The keymaps for the modes are configurable variables.
;; * Interactive commands `mc-encrypt-region', `mc-sign-region', etc. are
;;   now defined.
;; * If you use RMAIL and you say no to "Replace encrypted message with
;;   decrypted?", you will be dropped into RMAIL mode for viewing.
;; * RMAIL summary mode is now supported.
;; * Documentation in the form of a Texinfo file is now part of the
;;   distribution.
;; * Mailcrypt can now fetch a needed key from finger, HTTP, or any of a
;;   list of locally stored keyrings.  `C-c / k' initiates a fetch
;;   manually; Mailcrypt will offer to initiate one automatically as
;;   appropriate during encryption or signature verification.
;; * The remailer functions now support Mixmaster.
;; * `C-c / d' can handle conventionally encrypted messages.
;;{{{ Changes from 3.0:
;; * Generate a warning if some public keys are found while others
;;   are not during encryption.
;; * Rewrite calls like (message msg) to (message "%s" msg), in case
;;   msg includes a "%".
;; * Handle case in mc-pgp-decrypt-region when signature verifies, but
;;   key has not been certified.
;; * Put save-excursion around each top-level function.
;; * Handle case in mc-pgp-decrypt-region when signature fails to verify
;;   because you don't have the necessary public key.
;; * Locally bind mc-encrypt-for-me to nil before encrypting in
;;   mc-remail.
;; * Include "+encrypttoself=off" in PGP command line flags.
;; * Include "+verbose=1" in PGP command line flags (finally).
;; * Hacked mc-rmail-verify-signature to make sure rmailkwd is loaded
;;   before message is verified.
;; * (require 'gnus) when compiling.  Thanks to Peter Arius
;;    <>
;;{{{ Changes from 2.0:
;; * C-u to mc-encrypt-message now prompts for an ID to use
;;   for signing.  C-u C-u also prompts for scheme to use.
;; * Signing now uses the From line (pseudonym) to choose key.
;; * Support for multiple secret keys added.  Many internal interfaces
;;   changed.
;; * autoload remailer support for mc-remail.el and set default keybindings.
;; * mc-pgp-always-sign now has a 'never option.
;; * mc-pgp-encrypt-region returns t on success.
;; * Added mc-vm-snarf-keys, from Joe Reinhardt
;;   <>.
;; * Changed mc-snarf-keys to actually snarf all keys in the buffer instead
;;   of just the first one.
;; * In VM, not replacing a message puts the message into its own VM buffer
;;   so you can reply to it, forward it, etc. Thanks to Pat Lopresti
;;   <> for the suggestion.
;; * Abort edit mode in VM and RMAIL decrypt functions if no encrypted 
;;   message was found. 
;; * Added version string.
;; * Applied some new patches from stig adding autoloads and minor additions.
;; * Made check for window-system generic, and only for emacs versions > 19.
;; * Added option to mc-sign-message to disable clearsig when signing messages.
;;   From Stig <>.
;; * Fixed extra comma bug when offering default recipients to encrypt for.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.6:
;; * Decrypting a signed message in RMAIL adds a verified tag to the message.
;; * mc-sign-message takes an optional argument specifying which key to use,
;;   for people who have multiple private keys.
;; * Added mc-{pre,post}-{de,en}cryption-hooks.
;; * Additions to docstrings of the major functions and `mailcrypt-*' aliases
;;   for the same.
;; * Added cleanup for possible temp files left over if a process was
;;   interrupted.
;; * Easier installation instructions.
;; * Lots of little bug fixes from all over. Too many to list
;;   individual credits, but I've tried to include all of them. Thanks
;;   to all who sent them in, especially to John T Kohl who fixed an
;;   especially trying problem.
;; * Another optional argument to mc-insert-public-key that allows the
;;   user to specify which public key to insert when called with a
;;   prefix argument.
;; * Tons of changes from Paul Furnanz <>:
;; 1) Use the itimer package instead of the timer package if it exists.
;;    This makes the password deactivation code work for Lemacs as well
;;    as emacs 19.
;; 2) Fractured the code, so that there is a single function to use
;;    when calling the encryption program.  The new function is
;;    mc-process-region.  The function copies all data to a temporary
;;    buffer, and does the work there.  This way if you do an undo after
;;    an encryption or signing, your password is not visible on the
;;    screen. 
;; 3) All process output goes to the *MailCrypt* buffer.  No longer use
;;    a separate buffer for decryption, encryption, verification, ...
;;    This allows the user to always look at the *MailCrypt* buffer to
;;    see what pgp or ripem said.
;; 4) No longer call mc-temp-display.  Use display-buffer if there is a
;;    reason to show the buffer (like an error occured).
;; 5) Try to print more useful messages.
;; 6) If an error occurs on encryption, the message is left unchanged.
;;    No reason to undo.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.5:
;; * Changed mc-temp-display to just dump into a temp buffer, without
;;   any fancy display stuff. Pick up show-temp.el if you liked the
;;   display stuff (or uncomment the old mc-temp-buffer and remove the
;;   new version).
;; * Provided a generic read mode function to call in hooks, like the
;;   generic write mode function that was already there.
;; * Fixed bug in regexp that prevented compilation under recent
;;   versions of FSF emacs.
;; * Narrow to headers when extracting default recipients for encryption
;;   to avoid pulling in recipients of included messages.
;; * Use `fillarray' to overwrite passwords with nulls before deactivation
;;   for increased security.
;; * Load mail-extr.el to get mail-extract-address-components defined.
;; Thanks to Kevin Rodgers <> for the following
;; improvements.
;; * Quoted an unquoted lambda expression that prevented optimized 
;;   compilation under emacs 18.
;; * Used `nconc' instead of `append' in various places to save on 
;;   garbage collection.
;; * Modified mc-split to run more efficiently.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.4:
;; * Call mail-extract-address-components on the recipients if we guessed
;;   them from the header fields.
;; * If you don't replace a message with its decrypted version, it will now
;;   pop you into a view buffer with the contents of the message.
;; * Added support for mh-e, contributed by Fritz Knabe <>
;; * Fixed bug in snarfing keys from menubar under GNUS.
;; * Fixed RIPEM verification problem, thanks to Sergey Gleizer
;;   <>.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.3:
;; * Temp display function does not barf on F-keys or mouse events.
;;     Thanks to Jonathan Stigelman <>
;; * Lucid emacs menu support provided by William Perry <>
;; * Cited signed messages would interfere with signature 
;;	verification; fixed.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.2:
;; * Added menu bar support for emacs 19.
;; * Added GNUS support thanks to Samuel Druker <>.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.1:
;; * Added recipients field to mc-encrypt-message.
;;{{{ Changes from 1.0:
;; * Fixed batchmode bug in decryption, where unsigned messages would return
;;   with exit code of 1.
;;{{{ Changes from 0.3b:
;; * Only set PGPPASSFD when needed, so PGP won't break when used
;;   in shell mode.
;; * Use call-process-region instead of shell-command-on-region in order
;;   to detect exit codes.
;; * Changed mc-temp-display to not use the kill ring.
;; * Bug fixes.
;;{{{ Changes from 0.2b:
;; * Prompts for replacement in mc-rmail-decrypt-message.
;; * Bug fixes.
;;{{{ Changes from 0.1b:
;; * Several bug fixes.
;; Contributed by Jason Merrill <>:
;; * VM mailreader support
;; * Support for addresses with spaces and <>'s in them
;; * Support for using an explicit path for the pgp executable
;; * Key management functions
;; * The ability to avoid some of the prompts when encrypting
;; * Assumes mc-default-scheme unless prefixed

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