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Mailcrypt is an Emacs lisp package which provides a simple interface
to cryptographic functions with PGP.  It was written by Patrick
LoPresti ( and Jin Choi (, updated with
some support for PGP 5.0 by Len Budney (, and
updated with support for GnuPG by Brian Warner (

The original Mailcrypt is available through the Mailcrypt home page at
`'.  An FTP mirror is at
`'.  The latest Mailcrypt may be found at
`' or at any sunsite mirror.

To install the Mailcrypt package on your system, follow the directions
in the file `INSTALL'.

To hook Mailcrypt into your mail and news browsers, follow the
directions in the "Installation" section of the Mailcrypt manual.  If
you don't know how to use the Emacs Info browser, you should learn;
type `C-h i' and poke around.  You can read the Info version of the
Mailcrypt manual by doing `C-u C-h i' on the file `'.

To automatically be informed of improvements to Mailcrypt, add
yourself to the (very low volume) Mailcrypt announcement list.  Send
Email to with a request to be

Send all bug reports and comments to the authors.  And most of all,

 - Patrick LoPresti ( and Jin Choi (
   Thu Jun 22 19:58:35 1995

 - Len Budney (
   Sat Jan 31 20:05:30 1998

 - Brian Warner (
   Sat May 19 20:55:49 2001
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