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mailcrypt / ANNOUNCE

  Mailcrypt 3.5.4 is Available for Download

  1.  Introduction

  Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple interface
  to message encryption with PGP (you do use Emacs to handle your mail
  and news, right?). Mailcrypt version 3.5b1 and higher have been
  extended to handle both PGP 2.6.x and PGP 5.x.  Versions 3.5 and
  higher, including 3.5.4, also support encryption with GnuPG, thanks
  to Brian Warner.

  2.  Features

  2.1. New in this Release

  This release is contains no new features, but a great many bug
  fixes. Lots of things have been tightened up, for example: "fascist"
  dialog boxes now run conditionally; signed messages can now quote
  other signed messages without confusing Mailcrypt; email addresses
  parsing is fully RFC 822 compliant, so recipient names are extracted
  correctly even if they're weird; passphrase expiration works
  correctly; Mailcrypt code now compiles with almost none of those
  scary warnings.

  2.2.	Stable Features for PGP 5.0 and GnuPG

  Support for GnuPG.  Key fetching/snarfing functionality for PGP 5.0.
  Messages from PGP 5.0 operations now resemble more closely the
  messages generated for version 2.6.  Encryption works correctly,
  even when the secret keyring is not available (a requested feature
  for paranoid types ;-).  Mixmaster and Cypherpunk remailers can be
  used in PGP 5.0 mode, if the user has an RSA key. Further updated
  documentation for support under various mail packages.

  2.3.	Features for PGP 2.6.x (stable)

  Encryption, decryption, signing, adding keys, extracting keys,
  passphrase caching with timeout, multiple secret key (identity)
  support, a simple but flexible interface to Cypherpunk remailers
  (including chaining, response blocks, pseudonyms, and Mixmaster
  support), and an automatic keyserver interface via HTTP.

  2.4.	Still To Do

  o  Fix signing of foreign-language emails under GNUS/Mule. Currently,
     foreign characters are preceded by a '\207' byte, which is
     present at signing, but stripped when messages are sent.

  o  Get Mailcrypt to work with PGP 5.0 on NT.

  o  Test Mailcrypt against PGP 6.5.

  o  Fix the annoying Texinfo bug which spreads the manual index
     out, four lines to a page.

  o  Refine Mailcrypt schemes so that alternate backends, like Crypt++,
     can be used.

  3.  Downloading Mailcrypt

  The Official Mailcrypt version 3.5.4 can be downloaded at:


  Since receiving the blessing of the original authors, this is now
  the official Mailcrypt site.

  Of course, Mailcrypt 3.4 can still be downloaded at the (just as
  official) Mailcrypt sites: 


  Share and Enjoy!
	- Len Budney <lbudney@pobox.com>