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Comments on lisp.ico and irix6-0.h.

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File matsl/gplv3/

 # GPLv2 or later to GPLv3 or later because they are not GPLv2 or
 # later. The reason we can live with that is given together with the
 # file name.
+#    Unfortunately some comments are more or less things left to do and
+# might not be things we should live with in a GPLV3 or later XEmacs.
 # Explanation...
 GPLv3 = "GPLv3 or later -- But script can't identify it for some reason."
 LISPREF_TEXI = "see lispref.texi for copyright, not version 2 or later!?"
 MIT_NOA = 'MIT-style "no advertising" license'
 MIT = "MIT"
-NL = "No license"
 NOEXP = "Emacs version has no explicit license declaration"
 OFSF = "old FSF Documentation license"
 TO_SHORT = "Too short. (< 10 lines)"
     "modules/sample/internal/install-sh" : MIT,
     "nt/Xmd.patch" : "GPLv2 or later but only a few lines",
     "nt/file.ico" : MIT,
+    "nt/lisp.ico" : "Trivial modification of file.ico, likely MIT or GPLv2 or later too",
     "nt/paths.h" : "Generated",
     "nt/minitar.c" : "Public domain",
     "nt/xemacs.ico" : GPLv2_NoMetaData,
     "src/" : "Generated.",
     "src/s/openbsd.h"  : TO_SHORT,
     "src/s/usg5-4-2.h" : TO_SHORT,
+    "src/s/irix6-0.h" : "Can probably be removed since irix is discontinued although still supported by SGI a few more years!?",
     "src/sunplay.c" : "Compatible copyright.",
     "src/depend" : "Generated",
     "tests/tooltalk/beeps.el" : TO_SHORT,