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Package database backup:
- text-modes-1.97

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 (package-get-update-base-entry (quote
   (standards-version 1.1
-   version "1.96"
+   version "1.97"
    author-version "No-Upstream-Ver"
-   date "2009-01-07"
-   build-date "2009-01-07"
+   date "2009-08-13"
+   build-date "2009-08-13"
    maintainer "XEmacs Development Team <>"
    distribution xemacs
    priority high
    category "standard"
    dump nil
    description "Miscellaneous support for editing text files."
-   filename "text-modes-1.96-pkg.tar.gz"
-   md5sum "2d66028098b28548cebb5299b9b6167c"
-   size 449291
+   filename "text-modes-1.97-pkg.tar.gz"
+   md5sum "5f7a4d5ecab67d4e77be826ef82399e9"
+   size 449533
    provides (ansi-color autoinsert crontab-edit desktop-entry-mode filladapt flyspell folding fold-isearch hexl htmlize image-mode iso-acc iso-ascii iso-cvt iso-insert iso-swed rtf-support swedish tabify whitespace-mode whitespace-visual-mode winmgr-mode xpm-mode xrdb-mode apache-mode po-mode po-compat css-mode)
    requires (ispell fsf-compat xemacs-base)
    type regular


 install: packages/pcl-cvs-1.68-pkg.tar.gz 162363
 @ text-modes
-version: 1.96
-install: packages/text-modes-1.96-pkg.tar.gz 449291
+version: 1.97
+install: packages/text-modes-1.97-pkg.tar.gz 449533
 @ tramp
 version: 1.40
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