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Package database backup:
- fsf-compat-1.18

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 (package-get-update-base-entry (quote
   (standards-version 1.1
-   version "1.17"
+   version "1.18"
    author-version "No-Upstream-Ver"
-   date "2008-04-14"
-   build-date "2008-04-14"
+   date "2009-07-30"
+   build-date "2009-07-30"
    maintainer "XEmacs Development Team <>"
    distribution xemacs
    priority high
    category "standard"
    dump nil
    description "FSF Emacs compatibility files."
-   filename "fsf-compat-1.17-pkg.tar.gz"
-   md5sum "b2f4186280f0ee0fd0bbd3f0bdf5ef7e"
-   size 20238
+   filename "fsf-compat-1.18-pkg.tar.gz"
+   md5sum "fdd86608b4c57ba2420edb8d9b17308b"
+   size 20288
    provides (overlay thingatpt timer x-popup-menu goto-addr)
    requires (xemacs-base)
    type single


 install: packages/edit-utils-2.41-pkg.tar.gz 958385
 @ fsf-compat
-version: 1.17
-install: packages/fsf-compat-1.17-pkg.tar.gz 20238
+version: 1.18
+install: packages/fsf-compat-1.18-pkg.tar.gz 20288
 @ jde
 version: 1.52
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