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Update to my last Mew patch

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+2001-02-05  Steve Youngs  <>
+	* Makefile (REQUIRES): Remove apel, pcomplete.
+	* ./mew/mew-decode.el: Remove require 'poem-xm
+	* ./mew/mew-draft.el: Replace require 'pcomplete with new function
+	read-event.
+	(read-event): New function.
+	* ./mew/mew-env.el: Remove (require 'overlay) Mew uses extents.
+	* ./mew/mew-mule.el: Wrap (require 'mule-lang-jp) in a (if featurep 'mule).
 2001-01-24  Steve Youngs  <>
 	* ./mew/mew-scan.el (mew-summary-scan-filter): Add comment about
 MAINTAINER = XEmacs Development Team <>
 PACKAGE = mew
 PKG_TYPE = regular
-REQUIRES = mew w3 efs apel mail-lib xemacs-base fsf-compat pcomplete
+REQUIRES = mew w3 efs mail-lib xemacs-base fsf-compat
 CATEGORY = comm
 ELCS = mew/mew.elc mew/mew-attach.elc mew/mew-bq.elc mew/mew-cache.elc \


 (defconst mew-decode-version "mew-decode.el version 0.26")
 (require 'mew)
-(if (featurep 'mule)
-    (require 'poem-xm))
 (defvar mew-prog-mime-decode-switch
   (list (cons mew-b64 '("-b"))
 	(cons mew-qp  '("-q"))
 ;;; Code:
 (defconst mew-draft-version "mew-draft.el version 0.36")
-(require 'pcomplete)
 (require 'mew)
+(unless (fboundp 'read-event)
+  (defsubst read-event (&optional prompt)
+    (aref (read-key-sequence prompt) 0)))
 (if mew-xemacs-p (require 'easymenu))
 (defvar mew-draft-mode-map   nil)
 (defconst mew-env-version "mew-env.el version 0.14")
 (require 'mew)
-(require 'overlay)
 (defvar mew-temacs-p nil)
 (defvar mew-xemacs-p nil)
 (defconst mew-mule-version "mew-mule.el version 0.03")
 (require 'mew-func)
-(require 'mew-lang-jp)
+(if (featurep 'mule)
+    (require 'mew-lang-jp))
 ;; Charset
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