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Non-Mule build fixing

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 # the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 # Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
-VERSION = 1.04
+VERSION = 1.05
 MAINTAINER = XEmacs Development Team <>
 PACKAGE = mew
 	mew/mew-complete.elc mew/mew-decode.elc mew/mew-demo.elc \
 	mew/mew-draft.elc mew/mew-encode.elc mew/mew-env.elc mew/mew-ext.elc \
 	mew/mew-fib.elc mew/mew-func.elc mew/mew-header.elc \
-	mew/mew-highlight.elc mew/mew-lang-jp.elc mew/mew-mark.elc \
+	mew/mew-highlight.elc mew/mew-mark.elc \
 	mew/mew-message.elc mew/mew-mime.elc mew/mew-minibuf.elc \
 	mew/mew-mule0.elc mew/mew-mule2.elc mew/mew-mule3.elc \
 	mew/mew-pgp.elc mew/mew-pick.elc mew/mew-refile.elc \
 	mew/mew-vars.elc mew/mew-virtual.elc mew/mew-win32.elc \
-TEXI_FILES = mew/info/mew.texi mew/info/00readme hack-mew.texi.el \
-	hack-mew-jis.texi.el
+TEXI_FILES = mew/info/mew.texi mew/info/00readme hack-mew.texi.el
 MANUAL = mew
 DATA_FILES = mew/etc/*.img mew/etc/*.xpm mew/etc/*.xbm
 ifeq ($(BUILD_MULE),t)
 MANUAL += mew.jis
+TEXI_FILES += hack-mew-jis.texi.el
+ELCS += mew/mew-lang-jp.elc
 PRELOADS = -eval "(push \"`pwd`/mew/\" load-path)"
-all:: $(AUTOLOAD_PATH)/auto-autoloads.elc $(ELCS) \
+all:: $(AUTOLOAD_PATH)/auto-autoloads.elc $(ELCS) $(INFO_DEP) mew/info/mew.texi
 	$(XEMACS) -batch -vanilla \
 		-l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer \
 		-eval '(save-buffer 0)'
+ifeq ($(BUILD_MULE),t) mew/info/mew.texi
 	$(XEMACS) -batch -vanilla \
 		-eval "(insert-file-contents \"mew/info/mew.texi\")" \
 		-l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer \
 		-eval '(setq file-coding-system (quote iso-2022-7))' \
 		-eval '(save-buffer 0)'
 srckit: srckit-std
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