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			    Kazu Yamamoto
			     Aug 30, 1999

		 <Differences between 1.94 and 1.93>

* "y" in Summary mode is now able to save the raw format of message
  (i.e. header fields are not decoded). You can safely forward saved 

* Multiple "inbox"es with IM Config are supported.

* "D" in Summary mode removes all messages in the +trash folder.

* Summary mode is now really multi-lingualized thanks to IM.

* Aliases and Petname are integrated into Addrbook. To register expansion
  rules and/or personal information, type [C-u]C-cC-a in Summary

* The cache prefetch mechanism is implemented. You can read messages
  very quickly in Summary mode.

* Thanks to the cache prefetch mechanism, the non-MIME analysis sub-mode,
  which is provided for rapid reading, becomes meaningless. So, M-a was
  throw away. Use "," if you want to see a message in the raw format.

* GNUPG support. To select PGPv2/PGPv5/GNUPG, type C-cC-v in Summary 

* Imget's password and PGP passphrase can be cached. You can now survive
  without impwagent.
  Set mew-use-cached-passwd t.
  Set mew-use-pgp-cached-passphrase to t.

* C-c{C-s,C-p,C-b,C-r} can work even if draft contains attachments.

* Automatic PGP protection for all drafts or drafts replying to 
  encrypted messages is supported. 
  See mew-protect-privacy-{always,encrypted}.

* C-cC-p in Summary mode can handle old-fashioned PGP messages.

* "." can decrypt messages which you failed to decrypt before.

* Unknown Multipart/{Signed,Encrypted} is treated as a single part.

* C-u Z saves the update folder file to ~/Mail/.folders. So, Mew can 
  assume that this file exist by default. Concludingly the bootstrap
  becomes faster. mew-use-folders-file-p is now default to `t'. 

* You can customize Mew so that the directory previously used is 
  preserved. See, mew-{summary,draft}-preserve-dir. See also

* You can display text/html by a running netscape.
  Put the following in .emacs.
	(setq mew-prog-text/html-arg-hack 'mew-prog-text/html-netscape-remote)

* Range is asked only when you interactively execute "s".

* The key binding of FIB commands were changed with the C-cC-f prefix.

* Getting along with the mail-user-agent convention.

* Many IMAP4-friendly hacks.

* Many many bug fixes. And many many optimizations.

		 <Differences between 1.93 and 1.92>

* Copyright of Mew conforms ``AS IS'' instead of GPL2.

* Mew now supports IMAP4 and qmail mailbox.

* immv, imrm, and imclean are implemented by Elisp. So, "x" in Summary
  mode became much faster. Other commands became faster as well.

* Multipart format in Summary mode and Draft mode are integrated.

* Neat support for IM Config. Please refer to info for more information.

* mew-opt-highlight-* -> mew-use-highlight-*.

* mew-field-{,in}visible were obsoleted. Use mew-field-spec instead.

* Hankaku kana is converted into zenkaku kana if exists.

* Safely ignores unknown charset in a header.

* message/partial and text/html are supported.

* Ad-hoc PGP 5 support.

* Content-Disposition: support.

* Neat reporting mechanism of PGP/MIME.

* Many many bug fixes.

		 <Differences between 1.93 and 1.70>

* Mew uses IM Perl5 instead of MH. Mew will never support MH again.

* Mew works on OS/2, Win95, and WNT as well as on UNIX.

* Mew doesn't ask you to input y or n in Summary mode though it used
  to do so. Please follow instructions which Mew displays.

* Deleting messages on Summary mode(i.e. the D mark) means refiling to
  the +trash folder. If in +trash folder, messages marked with 'D' are
  really removed. You can customize this action. See
  mew-msg-rm-policy for details.

* "N" and "P" in Summary mode move the cursor onto only messages
  marked with '*'. To skip parts, call "n" or "p" with "C-u".

* The default folder name of draft changed from "+drafts" to "+draft"
  so that its length became equal to "+inbox" and "+trash".

* Some key-bindings in Draft mode were changed to keep C-c "key" for

	C-cM  -> C-cC-a
	C-cu  -> C-cC-l
	C-cy  -> C-cC-t

* C-cC-u(undo) in Draft mode works for any kinds of messages. For this
  reason, mew-mime-compose-folder-delete is set 'delete by default.

* PGP/MIME became very stable. And verification message turned more

	e.g. "No public key" -> "No his/her public key"

  C-cC-u works even for PGP shortcuts.

* Refile scheme was changed much.

	mew-auto-folder-alist             -> mew-refile-guess-alist
	mew-refile-folder-guess-functions -> mew-refile-guess-control

* Pick interface(for "?", "/", and "V") was changed. Examples are below:

	to=kazu & cc=kazu

* Burst("B") on Summary mode is now really cool.

* Subject is displayed for Message/Rfc822 if Content-Description: is empty.

* "C-uZ" on Summary mode saves Mail/.folders if mew-use-folders-file-p. 
  If mew-use-folders-file-p is t, Mew loads Mail/.folders at boot time.

* Many similar codes were integrated.

* Some function names were changed.

	mew-mark-process-all-folders -> mew-mark-clean-up-all
	(Remove kill-emacs-hook from .emacs if it contains

* Some variables were changed.

	Each members of mew-folders-ignore must start with "+" or "=".
	Value of mew-folders-default-folder must start with "+" or "=".

* Support RFC 2047(aka MIME header encoding/decoding) precisely.

* Color is now used by default. Remove configurations concerned with
  fonts from each hooks!.

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