1. xemacs
  2. mh-e


mh-e / package-info.in

  (standards-version 1.1
   version VERSION
   author-version AUTHOR_VERSION
   date DATE
   build-date BUILD_DATE
   maintainer MAINTAINER
   distribution xemacs
   priority low
   category CATEGORY
   dump nil
   description "The XEmacs Interface to the MH Mail System."
   filename FILENAME
   md5sum MD5SUM
   size SIZE
   provides (mh-alias mh-comp mh-customize mh-e mh-funcs mh-gnus mh-identity mh-inc mh-index mh-junk mh-loaddefs mh-mime mh-pick mh-seq mh-speed mh-unit mh-utils mh-xemacs-compat mh-xemacs-icons)
   requires (REQUIRES)
   type regular