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This is MH-E, a GNU Emacs interface to the MH mail system.

Emacs comes prepackaged with MH-E; the files in this package may be
more recent however. To ascertain the version of MH-E in your version
of Emacs and to determine whether it is necessary to install these
files, run the command "M-x mh-version" within Emacs. If this package
contains a more recent version of MH-E, read on.

This version of MH-E will appear in GNU Emacs 21.4. It is supported in
GNU Emacs 21, as well as XEmacs 21 and GNU Emacs 20.7.


** Extract the tarball.

If you don't have GNU tar, use gzip to uncompress the tarball and drop
the `z' option.

	tar xzf mh-e-7.1.tgz

** Compile.

It is suggested, but not required, to compile MH-E. To do so, run
`make' in the distribution directory:

	cd mh-e-7.1

If you run Emacs by any name other than `emacs', use the following

	cd mh-e-7.1
	make EMACS=myemacs

Note that the Makefile assumes an XEmacs variant if `xemacs' appears
somewhere in the command name. Otherwise, it is assumed that GNU Emacs
is being used.

** Place these files in your load path.

You may simply place the files in a directory that is already in your
load path, or you could add something like the following to your

	(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/mh-e-7.1"))

** Read the commentary at the top of mh-e.el.

** Read the release notes in MH-E-NEWS.

This is particularly important if you're already using MH-E and the
major version number has changed. We don't bump major version numbers
in MH-E for marketing reasons; it always means incompatible
improvements were made.


** Documentation

Documentation comes in the form of a manual which comes in the
following forms:

*** info

The info pages can be found by running the following command within

	C-h i m mh-e RET

*** HTML

An online version of the documentation is available here:

*** Source

The source for the documentation can be obtained here:

** Mailing Lists, Bug Reports and other Support

Please read the commentary at the top of mh-e.el.

Local variables:
mode: outline
paragraph-separate: "[ 	]*$"

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