misc-games / ChangeLog

2002-11-29  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* .cvsignore: Remove files now handled automatically by CVS.

2002-12-06  Rendhalver [Peter Brown]  <rendhalver@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.16 released.

2002-11-18  Simon Josefsson  <jas@extundo.com>

	* morse.el: Sync with Emacs 21.2.

2002-10-15  Ville Skyttä  <scop@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (srckit): Remove.

2000-11-18  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* life.el: typo fix.

2000-09-18  Glenn Coombs <gcoombs@aslnet.co.uk>

	* rot13.el (rot13-display-table): Use char-to-string, int-to-char instead
	of vector.
	(rot13-other-window): Use set-specifier instead of set-window-display-table.
	(toggle-rot13-mode): Ditto.

1999-03-05  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* advocacy.el (xemacs-praise-sound-file): Don't use
	sound-extention to keep the value platform-independant.
	(praise-be-unto-xemacs): Find correct extention for
	`xemacs-praise-sound-file' in 'sound-extension-list for the given
	platform and play the file if present.
	This patch was originally conceived by Charles G. Waldman.

1999-03-06  SL Baur  <steve@gneiss.etl.go.jp>

	* advocacy.el (xemacs-praise-sound-file):
	(praise-be-unto-xemacs):  Revert change from 4-March.

1999-03-04  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* advocacy.el (xemacs-praise-sound-file): Initialize correctly for
	(praise-be-unto-xemacs): Play sound first, then sit around for
	sound to finish.

1998-03-22  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* morse.el and (broken) rot13.el: imported from FSF Emacs 20.2.

1998-01-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.
	* package-info.in: Ditto.

1998-01-11  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.

1997-01-06  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* tetris.el: removed.

1997-01-05  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* tetris.el: fixes an error when x-find-smaller-font returns nil.
	From Glynn Clements <glynn@sensei.co.uk>

1997-12-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Created.
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