mmm-mode / TODO

Hey Emacs, this is a -*-text-*- file!

                       To Do List for MMM Mode

Custom mode functions like `mason-mode'.

Make Mason work a little better with PSGML.  The fix I've found works,
but it would be nifty if MMM could do it automatically.  Maybe the
custom-mode thing could set the variables, or a hook somewhere.

Apostrophes mess up Perl parsing in XEmacs but not Emacs.  I thought
it was because XEmacs sets `font-lock-beginning-of-syntax-function'
after MMM does, but changing that that didn't fix it.

Improve re-parsing current region to use inclusion/offsets/etc.

Support for: ASP, PHP

DEB and/or RPM packages would be nice.

The local-variables improvements can probably be used to set minor
modes locally to submode regions.  This could replace tmmofl,
especially if we search for regions other than by regexps, say by
syntax properties.

Trap paragraph motion commands to stop at submode boundaries?

On text insertion (in `after-change-functions'), do two things.
First, if inside in a region, or after a hanging one, scan for its
back and adjust if necessary.  Second, scan both for complete regions
and for hanging fronts.  In the latter case, we may insert the back or
start a hanging region; user option.  Don't just scan the inserted
text, but backwards, using `mmm-looking-back-at'.  Remember to handle
delimiter inclusion and offsets as best possible.

It would be nice if C-j ended a Mason one-liner and began a new one on
the next line.  This is a rather Mason-specific thing, but other
classes might have similar single-line regions.  Add a new submode
class argument, such as KEYMAP, or even ONE-LINE?

Allow a submode class to specify its allowable "parent" submode
classes.  This could also be used to implement htp.p, by first
scanning for the function calls as a major-mode submode region, then
requiring that parent type for the HTML mode class.  Nested submodes
alternate highlight colors, say with `mmm-secondary-submode-face'.

Ought %text in Mason to be a non-submode, since any Mason tags inside
it will probably be /edited/ as Perl (being, say, code examples)?
Only problem is it might confuse the programmer into thinking that
code will get executed. Maybe use a different face.  Could do that
with another grouping class, say uneval-mason, that overrides the
faces of mason and has :parent mason-text, and allow a mode to specify
what about it changes depending on its parent, or a parent to specify
changes to its children, or a group to specify changes to its members.

If font-locking needs more help, try narrowing the region before
fontifying, or even advising `parse-partial-sexp' and friends.  At
present, it seems good enough, though.

It'd be nice if submode regions could preserve the indentation of the
dominant major mode code around them. For example, Perl code embedded
in HTML where the HTML is indented such as for a table.