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                          MMM Mode for Emacs


  MMM Mode is a minor mode for Emacs that allows Multiple Major Modes
  (hence the name) to coexist in one buffer.  It is particularly
  well-suited to editing embedded code, such as Mason server-side
  Perl, or HTML output in CGI scripts.


  MMM Mode has a standard GNU configure-driven installation.  (See the
  file INSTALL for generic instructions.)  To install mmm-mode in the
  standard locations, unpack the archive, `cd' to the mmm-mode-X.X.X
  directory created, and run these commands:

    make install

  Alternately, since currently MMM Mode is written in pure Emacs Lisp,
  you could just copy all the *.el files in the distribution to a
  directory in your `load-path', and optionally byte-compile them
  manually (see the Emacs Manual).  The configure installation also
  installs the MMM Mode info manual in your site info directory, so if
  you're installing manually, you might want to do that too.

  If you have more than one version of emacs installed and want to
  use MMM in a version other than /usr/bin/emacs, you must set the
  environment variable EMACS before running `configure', e.g.

    EMACS=/usr/bin/xemacs ./configure
    make install

  If you want to use MMM in more than one version of emacs, you must
  either have separate site-lisp directories (such as Debian does), or
  load it from source every time; byte-compiled files are not portable
  between emacsen.


  Once MMM Mode is installed, it has to be configured correctly.  This
  can be done in a site-start file or in user's initialization files;
  probably the latter is preferable, except possibly for autoloads.

  See the info file for full documentation on the available
  configuration options.  To get started, however, MMM Mode needs to
  be loaded, either completely, with

    (require 'mmm-mode)

  or conditionally, as necessary, with

    (require 'mmm-auto)

  The second installs only the major-mode hooks and sets up MMM Mode
  to load itself automatically when necessary.


  For further information, see (in order) the accompanying info file
  (as yet incomplete), the documentation strings of functions and
  variables, the comments in the source code, and the source code


  The latest version of MMM Mode should always be available from


  Bug reports and suggestions can be submitted at
  <http://sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=8658> or through email to


  MMM Mode is written and maintained by Michael Abraham Shulman


  To subscribe to the MMM Mode mailing list, visit
  The mailing list receives announcements of new releases and provides
  a forum for discussion of bugs and features.

  Thanks for using MMM Mode!