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 Nested alist is a list of the form (ENTRY . BRANCHES), where ENTRY is
 any Lisp object, and BRANCHES is a list of cons cells of the form
 You can use a nested alist to store any Lisp object (ENTRY) for a key
 sequence KEYSEQ, where KEYSEQ is a sequence of KEY-ELEMENT.  KEYSEQ
       (setq i (1+ i)))
     (setcar alist entry)
     (if branches
-	(if (cdr alist)
-	    (error "Can't set branches for keyseq %s" keyseq)
-	  (setcdr alist branches)))))
+        (setcdr (last alist) branches))))
 (defun lookup-nested-alist (keyseq alist &optional len start nil-for-too-long)