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Incorporate a patch from Mule-UCS.

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+2004-09-06  ARISAWA Akihiro  <>
+	* reldata/usupple.el (unicode-assoc-for-windows): Fixed codepoint
 2005-05-08  Aidan Kehoe  <>
 	* mucs.el (mucs-import-package): Bind the same magic variable as


        (?$B"L(B . "0xFFE2") ;; FULLWIDTH NOT SIGN
        ;; JIS X 0212 correspondings
        (?$(D"7(B . "0xFF5E") ;; FULLWIDTH TILDE (usually not used for decoding)
-       (?$(D"C(B . "0xFF4E") ;; FULLWIDTH BROKEN BAR
+       (?$(D"C(B . "0xFFE4") ;; FULLWIDTH BROKEN BAR
        ;; JIS X 0201 correspondings
        ;; ("0x5C" . "0x005C") ;; REVERSE SOLIDUS
        ;; ("0x7E" . "0x007E") ;; TILDE
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