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2002-06-26  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.26 released.

	* net-utils.el: Remove $Log keyword and some of the entries that
	are in the ChengeLog.

2002-06-24  Adrian Aichner  <adrian@xemacs.org>

	* net-utils.el (traceroute-program-options): Fix custom type
	(repeat string).
	* net-utils.el (ping-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (ipconfig-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (netstat-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (arp-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (route-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (nslookup-program-options): Ditto.
	* net-utils.el (ftp-program-options): Ditto.

2002-06-04  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): XEmacs package 1.25 released.

	* xemacsbug.el (report-xemacs-bug-extra-headers): New.
	(report-xemacs-bug-beta-extra-headers): New.
	(report-xemacs-bug): Use them.
	Test whether using a beta XEmacs with 'xemacs-betaname'.

2002-02-23  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* package-info.in (provides): Typo.

2002-02-23  Peter Arius  <peter.arius@erln.gepas.de>

	* shadowfile.el (shadow-write-info-file): Use 'buffer-live-p' to
	check for killed buffers.
	(shadow-write-todo-file): Ditto.
	(shadow-save-todo-file): Ditto.

2001-09-28  Stephen J. Turnbull  <stepheen@xemacs.org>

	* xemacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug):  Missing autoload.

2001-08-22  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* xemacsbug.el (report-xemacs-bug): Use 'report-xemacs-bug-hook'
	instead of 'report-emacs-bug-hook'.

2001-08-15  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* xemacsbug.el (report-xemacs-bug): Include the load-path
	shadows in the bug report. (Thanks to Adrian A. for help on this)

2001-08-07  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* xemacsbug.el (report-xemacs-bug-send-init): New.
	(report-xemacs-bug): Use it.

2001-08-06  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* emacsbug.el: Removed.

	* xemacsbug.el: New file, replaces the old 'emacsbug.el'.

	* Makefile (ELCS): Remove emacsbug.elc and use xemacsbug.elc.

2001-07-14  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug-address): Change address to

2001-07-05  Adrian Aichner  <adrian@xemacs.org>

	* webjump.el (webjump-sample-sites): Update webster site.

2001-07-03  Stephen J. Turnbull  <stephen@xemacs.org>

	* emacsbug.el(report-emacs-bug-address): Move comment closer.
	Change to "xemacs-beta@cvs.xemacs.org" to improve response time.

2001-05-12  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* feedmail.el: Sync with version 10.

2001-01-09  Gunnar Evermann  <ge204@eng.cam.ac.uk>

	* emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug-info): Jump to info node
	From Klaus Frank <klausf@i3.informatik.rwth-aachen.de>

2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* *: Mega typo fix.

1998-07-01  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* feedmail.el: synched with version 8.

1998-05-18  Damon Lipparelli  <lipp@primus.com>

	* metamail.el: (metamail-region): replace bogus use of `concat'.

1998-06-01  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* browse-cltl2.el: Synch with v1.1.4.

1998-04-05  Tomasz Cholewo  <tjchol01@mecca.spd.louisville.edu>

	* webster-www.el (webster-www-thesaurus): New function.

1998-03-30  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* feedmail.el: Updated.

1998-03-22  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* net-utils.el: Add autoload cookies for convenience.
	(ping-program-options): It's system type 'linux in XEmacs.

1998-03-10  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* webjump.el (webjump-sample-sites): Fix typo.
	(webjump): Use assoc-ignore-case for locating the proper URL

1998-01-24  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.
	* package-info.in: Ditto.

1998-01-12  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Update to newer package interface.

1998-01-05  SL Baur  <steve@altair.xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: Created.