Anonymous committed 43f14b6

* ./xemacs-packages/Makefile: New.

* ./xemacs-packages/*/Makefile (CATEGORY): Change to "standard".

* package-compile.el (package-directory-map): Re-organise. There are
now only 2 categories, "xemacs-packages" & "mule-packages". Also, put
them into alphabetical order.

* Makefile (SUBDIRS): The sub directories are now 'xemacs-packages' &

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Files changed (1)

 PACKAGE = net-utils
 PKG_TYPE = single-file
 REQUIRES = w3 efs mail-lib xemacs-base
-CATEGORY = comm
+CATEGORY = standard
 ELCS = browse-cltl2.elc emacsbug.elc feedmail.elc metamail.elc net-utils.elc \
 	rcompile.elc shadowfile.elc webjump.elc webster-www.elc
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