net-utils / xml.el

Author Commit Message Date Builds
2003-12-03 Steve Youngs <> * xml.el: defalias `match-string-no-properties' to `match-string'. * webster-www.el: Autoload `w3-form-encode-xwfu' at compile time. * net-utils.el: Autoload `ffap-string-at-point' at compile time. * feedmail.el: Require smtpmail at compile time. * browse-cltl2.el (url-retrieve): Autoload it. * Makefile (AUTHOR_VERSION): Set to N/A. (MAINTAINER): Set to me. (ELCS): Change to somethin…
2003-05-02 Steve Youngs <> * dig.el: New. * dns.el: New. * xml.el: New. * Makefile (ELCS): Add dig.elc, dns.elc, xml.elc. * (provides): Add dig, dns, xml.