ocaml / caml-compat.el

;; function definitions for old versions of emacs

;; indent-line-to

(if (not (fboundp 'indent-line-to))
    (defun indent-line-to (column)
      "Indent current line to COLUMN.

This function removes or adds spaces and tabs at beginning of line
only if necessary.  It leaves point at end of indentation."
      (if (= (current-indentation) column)
        (beginning-of-line 1)
        (indent-to column))))

;; buffer-substring-no-properties

 ((fboundp 'buffer-substring-no-properties))
 ((fboundp 'buffer-substring-without-properties)
  (defalias 'buffer-substring-no-properties
  (defalias 'buffer-substring-no-properties 'buffer-substring)))

(provide 'caml-compat)
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