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;; FILE:         br-compl.el
;; SUMMARY:      Most functions for performing completion on OO constructs.
;; USAGE:        GNU Emacs Lisp Library
;; KEYWORDS:     matching, oop, tools
;; AUTHOR:       Bob Weiner
;; ORG:          BeOpen.com
;; ORIG-DATE:    27-Mar-90
;; LAST-MOD:      9-Jun-99 at 18:03:57 by Bob Weiner

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Other required Elisp libraries
;;; ************************************************************************

;; Requires a number of functions from "br-lib.el", part of the OO-Browser
;; package.  See the code for functions called but not defined within this
;; file.

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Public functions
;;; ************************************************************************

(defun br-all-classes (&optional htable-type duplicates-flag)
  "Return list of class names in Environment or optional HTABLE-TYPE.
HTABLE-TYPE may be \"sys\" or \"lib\" or an actual hash table.
List is not sorted unless optional DUPLICATES-FLAG is non-nil, which means cons
the the sorted list of duplicate classes onto the front of the unique class
names list."
  (let ((classes
	 (apply 'append
		 (function (lambda (val-key-cons)
			     ;; Copy so that hash-table values are not
			     ;; disturbed.
			     (copy-sequence (car val-key-cons))))
		 (cond ((and (stringp htable-type)
			     (not (string-equal htable-type "")))
			(br-get-htable (concat htable-type "-paths")))
		       ((hashp htable-type) htable-type)
		       (t (br-get-paths-htable)))))))
    (if duplicates-flag
	(br-duplicate-and-unique-strings (sort classes 'string-lessp))

(defun br-buffer-menu ()
  "Display in the viewer window a selection list of buffers for the current browser language."
  (or (br-in-view-window-p)
      (setq *br-prev-listing-window* (selected-window)))
  (let ((owind (selected-window))
	(ovbuf (save-window-excursion
    (buffer-menu t)
    (narrow-to-region (point) (point-max))
    (let ((buffer-read-only nil)
      (while (setq file-name (br-buffer-menu-file-name))
	(if (not (and file-name (string-match br-src-file-regexp file-name)))
	    (delete-region (point) (progn (forward-line 1) (point)))
	  (forward-line 1))))
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (if (looking-at "^$") ;; No matching buffers
	  (switch-to-buffer ovbuf)
	  (select-window owind)
	   "(OO-Browser):  No appropriate buffers available for selection."))
      (set-window-start nil 1)
      (substitute-key-definition 'Buffer-menu-select 'br-buffer-menu-select
      (message "(OO-Browser):  Select a buffer for display."))))

(defun br-buffer-menu-file-name ()
  "Return file name associated with the current buffer menu line or nil.
Leaves point at the beginning of the current line."
  (if (= (point) (point-max))
    (forward-char Buffer-menu-buffer-column)
    (let ((start (point)))
      ;; End of buffer name marked by tab or two spaces.
      (if (not (re-search-forward "\t\\|  "))
	(skip-chars-backward " \t")
	(let ((buffer
	       (get-buffer (br-buffer-substring start (point)))))
	  (if buffer (buffer-file-name buffer)))))))

(defun br-buffer-menu-select ()
  "Display buffer associated with the line that point is on."
  (substitute-key-definition 'br-buffer-menu-select 'Buffer-menu-select 
  (let ((buff (Buffer-menu-buffer t))
	(menu (current-buffer)))
    (if buff
	(progn (switch-to-buffer buff)
	       (or (eq menu buff)
		   (bury-buffer menu)))

(defun br-complete-entry (&optional prompt)
  "Interactively completes class or feature name and returns it or nil.
Optional PROMPT is initial prompt string for user."
  (let ((default (and (br-in-browser)
		      (not (br-in-view-window-p))
	(completion-ignore-case nil)
    (if (not (br-class-path default)) (setq default nil))
    ;; Prompt with possible completions of element-name.
    (setq prompt (or prompt "Class/Element name:")
	  completions (append (br-class-completions)
	  (if completions
	       (format "%s (default %s) " prompt (or default "<None>"))
	       completions nil 'must-match)
	     (format "%s (default %s) " prompt (or default "<None>")))))
    (if (equal element-name "") (setq element-name default))

(defun br-complete-symbol ()
  "Complete an OO-Browser type or element or an Emacs Lisp symbol preceding point.
The symbol is compared against current Environment entries (or Emacs symbol
table entries) and any needed characters are inserted."
  (cond ((and (fboundp 'br-lang-mode)
	      (eq major-mode (symbol-function 'br-lang-mode)))

(defun br-complete-class-name (&optional must-match prompt)
  "Interactively completes class name if possible, and returns class name.
Optional MUST-MATCH means class name must match a completion table entry.
Optional PROMPT is intial prompt string for user."
  (let ((default (br-find-class-name))
	(completion-ignore-case nil)
    ;; Prompt with possible completions of class-name.
    (setq prompt (or prompt "Class name:")
	  completions (br-class-completions)
	  (if completions
	       (format "%s (default %s) " prompt default)
	       completions nil must-match)
	     (format "%s (default %s) " prompt default))))
    (if (equal class-name "") default class-name)))

(defun br-find-class-name-as-list ()
  "Return a list composed of the class name that point is within in a listing buffer, else nil."
  (let ((class (br-find-class-name)))
    (if class (list class))))

(defun br-find-class-name (&optional keep-indent)
  "Return class name that point is within in a listing buffer, else nil.
Optional KEEP-INDENT non-nil means keep indentation preceding class name."
  (if (= (point) (point-max)) (skip-chars-backward " \t\n\r"))
  (if (save-excursion
	(not (looking-at (concat "[ \t]*" br-feature-type-regexp "[ \t]+"))))
	(skip-chars-forward " \t")
	(let ((objc (string-equal br-lang-prefix "objc-"))
	      (java (string-equal br-lang-prefix "java-"))
	   (cond (objc
		  ;; Include [] characters for default classes, <> for protocols
		  ;; and () for categories.
		  (concat "\]\[()<>" br-identifier-chars))
		  ;; Include <> for interfaces.
		  (concat "\]\[<>" br-identifier-chars))
		 (t (concat "\]\[" br-identifier-chars))))
	  (if (or (and java
		       ;; Java interface
		       (looking-at (concat "<" br-identifier ">")))
		  (and objc
			;; Objective-C protocol
			(looking-at (concat "<" br-identifier ">"))
			;; Objective-C class(category)
			(looking-at (concat br-identifier "(" br-identifier ")"))
			;; Objective-C (category)class
			(if (looking-at
			     (concat "\\((" br-identifier ")\\)" br-identifier))
			    (setq class (concat (br-buffer-substring
						 (match-end 1) (match-end 0))
						 (match-beginning 1)
						 (match-end 1)))))
			;; Objective-C (category)
			(looking-at (concat "(" br-identifier ")"))))
		  (looking-at br-identifier)
		  ;; default class
		  (looking-at (concat "\\[" br-identifier "\\]")))
	      (progn (if keep-indent (beginning-of-line))
		     (br-set-case (or class
				      (br-buffer-substring (point)
							   (match-end 0))))))))))

(defun br-lisp-mode-p ()
  (or (eq major-mode 'lisp-mode)
      (eq major-mode 'emacs-lisp-mode)
      (eq major-mode 'scheme-mode)
      (eq major-mode 'lisp-interaction-mode)))

(defun br-complete-type ()
  "Perform in-buffer completion of a type or element identifier before point.
That symbol is compared against current Environment entries and any needed
characters are inserted."
  (let* ((completion-ignore-case nil)
	 (end (point))
	 (beg (save-excursion
		(if (br-lisp-mode-p)
		  (skip-chars-backward "^()")
		  (if (eq (preceding-char) ?\()
		      (skip-chars-backward " \t\(")
		    (goto-char end))
		(skip-chars-backward (concat br-identifier-chars ":"))
	 (pattern (br-set-case (br-buffer-substring beg end)))
	 (completion-alist (if (string-match br-feature-signature-regexp
			     (setq type-p t)
			     ;; Return class names plus default class
			     ;; elements without their class names.
	 (completion (try-completion pattern completion-alist)))
    (cond ((eq completion t))
	  ((null completion)
	   (message "Can't find completion for `%s'" pattern)
	  ((not (string-equal pattern completion))
	   (delete-region beg end)
	   (insert (if type-p
		       (br-set-case-type completion)
	   (message "Making completion list...")
	   (let ((list (sort (all-completions pattern completion-alist)
	     (let (new)
	       (while list
		 (setq new (cons (car list) new)
		       list (cdr list)))
	       (setq list (nreverse new)))
	     (with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Completions*"
	       (display-completion-list list)))
	   (message "Making completion list...%s" "done")))))

;; Derived from saveconf.el.
(defun br-window-list ()
  "Returns a list of Lisp window objects for all Emacs windows.
Do not count the minibuffer window even if it is active."
  (let* ((first-window (next-window (previous-window (selected-window))))
	 (windows (cons first-window nil))
	 (current-cons windows)
	 (w (next-window first-window)))
    (while (not (eq w first-window))
      (setq current-cons (setcdr current-cons (cons w nil)))
      (setq w (next-window w)))

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Private functions
;;; ************************************************************************

(defun br-class-completions ()
  "Return alist of elements whose cars are all class names in lookup table."
  (mapcar (function (lambda (elt) (cons elt nil)))
	  (sort (br-all-classes) 'string-lessp)))

(provide 'br-compl)