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oo-browser / BR-VERSION

		      The OO-Browser, Version <VERSION>

	     Bob Weiner designed and implemented the OO-Browser.

     Copyright (C) 1989-2002  Bob Weiner, BeOpen.com and the Free Software
     Foundation, Inc.
     Distributed under terms described in the BR-COPY file within the
     OO-Browser distribution.

     With thanks to Motorola, Inc. for helping fund initial development, to
     Torgeir Veimo, Mark Stern, Steve Baur and Martin Buchholz for helping
     with the X OO-Browser core, to Jeff Sparkes for help with Java language
     support, to Harri Pasanen for contributing the initial Python
     language support (derived from the C++ support code) and to Kirill
     Katsnelson for adapting the graphical OO-Browser for use with Windows.