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oo-browser / MANIFEST


BR-COPY                   - Copyright notice and license for the OO-Browser
BR-FEATURES               - Summary of the OO-Browser features
BR-README                 - OO-Browser overview and installation notes
BR-RELEASE                - What's new in this version of the OO-Browser?

--- BUILDS ---

GNUmakefile.id            - Used for InfoDock builds of the OO-Browser.
Makefile                  - Build OO-Browser directories and distributions.
Make-Env                  - Build OO-Browser Environments in batch/background modes.


man/oo-browser.texi       - The OO-Browser Manual  (source format).
man/oo-browser.info       - The OO-Browser Manual  (Info online reader version).

Visit www.beopen.com to read an HTML version of the manual.


tree-w32/                 - Source and executable for the Windows system
		            OO-Browser interface. (Not included with UNIX
			    distributions of the OO-Browser.)

tree-x/                   - Source and executable for the X window system
		            OO-Browser interface. (Not included as part of the
			    MS Windows OO-Browser.)


br-c-ft.el                - OO-Browser C construct handling.
br-c-tags                 - Build feature tags for default C construct classes.
br-c++-ft.el              - C++ OO-Browser class and member functions.
br-c++.el                 - Support routines for C++ inheritance browsing.
br-clos-ft.el             - CLOS OO-Browser class and element functions.
br-clos.el                - Support routines for CLOS inheritance browsing.
br-compl.el               - Most functions for performing completion on OO constructs.
br-eif-ft.el              - Eiffel OO-Browser class and feature related functions.
br-eif.el                 - Support routines for Eiffel inheritance browsing and error parsing.
br-env.el                 - OO-Browser Environment support functions.
br-ftr.el                 - OO-Browser feature browsing support.
br-info.el                - Support routines for Info file hierarchy browsing.
br-init.el                - OO-Browser per Emacs session initialization.
br-java-ft.el             - Java OO-Browser class and member functions.
br-java.el                - Support routines for Java inheritance browsing.
br-lib.el                 - OO-Browser support functions.
br-menu.el                - Pulldown and popup menus for the OO-Browser.
br-name.el                - Maintain a user-specific set of names associated with OO-Browser Environments.
br-objc-ft.el             - Objective-C OO-Browser class and feature functions.
br-objc.el                - Support routines for Objective-C inheritance browsing.
br-python-ft.el           - Python OO-Browser class and member functions.
br-python.el              - Support routines for Python inheritance browsing.
br-site.el                - Site OO-Browser per Emacs session initialization.
br-smt.el                 - Support routines for Smalltalk inheritance browsing and error parsing.
br-start.el               - Select language and invoke OO-Browser.
br-tree.el                - Interface between textual and graphical OO-Browsers.
br-vers.el                - OO-Browser revision number as 'br-version' variable.
br.el                     - Browse object-oriented-code.
c++-browse.el             - C++ source code browser.
clos-brows.el             - Common Lisp/CLOS source code browser.
eif-browse.el             - Eiffel source code browser.
eif-calls.el              - Produce first level static call tree for Eiffel class.
eif-ise-er.el             - Parse ISE's Eiffel error messages.
hasht.el                  - Create hash tables from lists and operate on them.
hash-test.el              - Interactively test functions from hasht.el.
hmouse-br.el              - Hyperbole Key control for the OO-Browser.
info-brows.el             - Support routines for Info inheritance browsing and error parsing.
java-brows.el             - Java source code browser.
objc-brows.el             - Objective-C source code browser.
ootags.c                  - Specialized tags code for generating C construct entries.
pyth-brows.el             - Python source code browser.
smt-browse.el             - Smalltalk source code browser.