oo-browser / br-help-ms

OO-Browser Mouse Help                     {h} displays command help

Help          a cmd help entry            execute cmd       cmd documentation
              end of help line            scroll view up    scroll view down
Viewer        end of help line            scroll view up    scroll view down

Listing       a blank listing buffer      help display      class buffer menu
Buffer        end of buffer               help display      exit a level
              end of entry line           scroll list down  scroll list up

Class List    start of class name line    ancestors         descendants
              middle of class name        edit class        list elements
              `...' following class name  to tree expansion to tree expansion

Element List  start of element name line  implementors      list implementors
              on element name             edit element      list implementors

Env List      within Env pathname         loads Env

Buffer Menu   a class buffer line         display buffer    mark buf for del
              end of buffer               performs deletes  list all bufs

Eiffel        class name                  show class def
or Smalltalk  entity declaration          show entity def
or CLOS File

Objective-C   class declaration           show class def
or C++ File   func or method declaration  show definition
              include file                show include file

C++ File      method reference            method definition or list of

OO-Browser mouse support is available for the X window system, OpenWindows,
and Windows OSes.  See the online manual section, "(oo-browser)Using the
Mouse" for information on which mouse buttons are bound to the Action and
Assist Keys.