oo-browser / tree-x / Makefile.decosf

# SUMMARY:      Makefile for the OO-Browser
# AUTHOR:       Bob Weiner / Mark Stern
# ORG:          BeOpen.com / Brown U.
# ORIG-DATE:    15-Oct-90
# LAST-MOD:     22-May-97 at 14:59:38 by Bob Weiner
# Copyright (C) 1990-1996  BeOpen.com and the Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# See the file BR-COPY for license information.
# This file is part of the OO-Browser.

# If the usleep () system call exists on your system, uncomment the following line.

# Set this to be the directory in which to install the X OO-Browser
# executable.  This should be a directory in all users' search paths or the
# value of the Emacs variable, exec-directory.  The INFODOCK environment
# variable is automatically set within InfoDock to the InfoDock root directory.
# If you run make from outside of InfoDock, you can replace this environment
# variable with whatever root directory tree is appropriate for your site.
# Use 'make install' to install the binary.
BINDIR          = ${INFODOCK}/bin/alpha-dec-osf

# Root directory of your X distribution.  Note how this is used in succeeding
# variables.
XROOT           = /usr
INCLUDEDIRS     = -I$(XROOT)/include/X11
LIBDIRS         = -L$(XROOT)/lib/X11

# Use this for the standard Athena widgets.
XAW = -lXaw
# Use this instead for the 3D Athena widget library.
XAW3D = -lXaw3d
# Set this to one of the 2 above variable names.
# Set this to one of the 2 above variable values.

# C compiler
CC		= cc
# Compiler flags

#   Set XVERSION to the proper relase of X11 for your system.
#   Use X11R5 if your system is not on X11R6 or above.
X11R5 = 
X11R6 = -lSM -lICE

#   X11 libraries used by all system configurations.
XCOMMON = -lXmu -lXt -lX11 -lXext

#   This is used for static linking on a generic platform such as SunOS 4.
#   This is used for static linking on Alpha DEC OSF V3.2 with X11R5.
#LD_DECOSF   	 = -non_shared $(LIBDIRS) $(LIBXAW) $(XCOMMON) -ldnet_stub $(XVERSION)
#   This is used for dynamic linking on Alpha DEC OSF V3.2 with X11R5.
#   This is used for dynamic linking under Solaris.
#   This is used for dynamic linking under Linux.

NAME		= xoobr
C_FILES 	= draw.c tree.c input.c dissolve.c dbl.c intf.c usleep.c
O_FILES		= draw.o tree.o input.o dissolve.o dbl.o intf.o usleep.o
INC_FILES	= defs.h tree.h input.h dissolve.h dbl.h rsrc.h intf.h help.h

$(NAME):	decosf

static:		$(O_FILES)
		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(NAME) $(O_FILES) $(LD_STATIC)

decosf:		$(O_FILES)
		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(NAME) $(O_FILES) $(LD_DECOSF)

solaris:	$(O_FILES)

linux:		$(O_FILES)
		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(NAME) $(O_FILES) $(LD_LINUX)

install:	$(NAME)
		chmod 755 $(NAME)
		mv $(NAME) $(BINDIR)/$(NAME)

		rm -f *.o *.orig *.rej $(NAME) core *~

		wc $(SRC_FILES)

dbl.o: 		dbl.h 
dissolve.o:	dissolve.h
draw.o: 	defs.h tree.h dbl.h intf.h
input.o: 	defs.h tree.h input.h
intf.o: 	defs.h tree.h dbl.h intf.h rsrc.h input.h help.h
tree.o: 	defs.h tree.h intf.h
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