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+2003-10-03  Ilya N. Golubev  <>
+	* rlogin.el (rlogin): Remove unneeded duplication of process
+	marker setting done inside `comint-exec'.
 2003-10-03  Ilya N. Golubev  <>
 	* background.el (background): Use `insert-before-markers' for text
          (buffer-name (if (string= user (user-login-name))
                           (format "*rlogin-%s*" host)
-                        (format "*rlogin-%s@%s*" user host)))
-	 proc)
+                        (format "*rlogin-%s@%s*" user host))))
     (cond ((null buffer))
 	  ((stringp buffer)
      ((comint-check-proc buffer-name))
       (comint-exec buffer buffer-name rlogin-program nil args)
-      (setq proc (get-buffer-process buffer))
-      ;; Set process-mark to point-max in case there is text in the
-      ;; buffer from a previous exited process.
-      (set-marker (process-mark proc) (point-max))
       ;; comint-output-filter-functions is treated like a hook: it is
       ;; processed via run-hooks or run-hooks-with-args in later versions