Didier Verna avatar Didier Verna committed 055fd64

Update TODO.

ChangeLog addition:

2011-12-11 Didier Verna <didier@xemacs.org>;

* patcher.el: Remove one obsolete TODO entry.

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 ;; Author:        Didier Verna <didier@xemacs.org>
 ;; Maintainer:    Didier Verna <didier@xemacs.org>
 ;; Created:       Tue Sep 28 18:12:43 1999
-;; Last Revision: Sun Dec 11 12:36:16 2011
+;; Last Revision: Sun Dec 11 13:55:27 2011
 ;; Keywords:      maint
 ;; patcher-compress-change-logs doesn't do a very good job, especially wrt
 ;; indentation.
-;; #### patcher-mail-commit should check for ChangeLogs insertion and warn the
-;; user (see above).
 ;; #### Add support for interactive RCSes (hmpf !). For instance, it would be
 ;; neat to answer darcs questions interactively, and then construct the patch
 ;; and the changelogs only for the selected patches.
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