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File doc/patcher.texi

 @c Author:        Didier Verna <>
 @c Maintainer:    Didier Verna <>
 @c Created:       Sun Apr 21 21:34:06 2002
-@c Last Revision: Fri Jan 13 11:23:03 2012
+@c Last Revision: Mon Jan 16 11:22:15 2012
 @c This file is part of Patcher.
 @node Distribution, Requirements, , Installation
 @section Distribution
-Patcher is a standard XEmacs package (see
-@uref{}). There are several
-ways to get and install it.
-@itemize @bullet
-Use the package user interface from a running XEmacs. This interface is
-accessible from the @samp{Tools} menu or via @kbd{M-x list-packages}).
-Official tarballs are available for download at
-The official Mercurial repository is located at
-Finally, various download options are available directly from my website
-at @uref{}. You
+Patcher is a standard XEmacs package. As such, you can download and
+install it directly from a running XEmacs session. The packages
+interface is accessible from the @samp{Tools} menu or via @kbd{M-x
+list-packages}). You may also manually download a tarball or use the
+Mercurial repository. See
+@uref{} for more information.
+Otherwise, Patcher is also distributed as a standalone package directly
+from my website (a Git repository and tarballs are available), at
+@uref{}. You
 will also find different inlined versions of this documentation at that
-place. For installation instructions, please read the @file{INSTALL}
-@end itemize
+place. For standalone installation instructions, please read the
+@file{INSTALL} file in the distribution.
 @c Requirements =======================================================