Didier Verna  committed 73b9efe

New theme 'ephemeral-change-logs.

This theme not only sets the ChangeLogs status but also changes the prologue
to avoid using the file name.

ChangeLog entries:

2012-01-12 Didier Verna <>

* lisp/patcher.el (patcher-built-in-themes): New theme
'ephemeral-change-logs. Set the ChangeLogs status to 'ephemeral
and the ChangeLogs prologue to "ChangeLog entries:".

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File lisp/patcher.el

 ;; Author:        Didier Verna <>
 ;; Maintainer:    Didier Verna <>
 ;; Created:       Tue Sep 28 18:12:43 1999
-;; Last Revision: Sun Dec 11 13:55:27 2011
+;; Last Revision: Thu Jan 12 22:17:28 2012
 ;; Keywords:      maint
 	 :committed-notice "\
 NOTE: This patch has been committed. The version below is informational only.
-In particular, whitespace difference have been removed.")))
+In particular, whitespace difference have been removed.")
+	(ephemeral-change-logs
+	 :change-logs-status ephemeral
+	 :change-logs-prologue "ChangeLog entries:")))
 (provide 'patcher)