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2011-12-18 Didier Verna <>

* patcher.texi (Project Descriptors):
* patcher.texi (Project Relocation): Document the use of a single
project descriptor for several independent projects that would
share the same set of options.

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File doc/patcher.texi

 @c Author:        Didier Verna <>
 @c Maintainer:    Didier Verna <>
 @c Created:       Sun Apr 21 21:34:06 2002
-@c Last Revision: Thu Dec 15 22:02:53 2011
+@c Last Revision: Sun Dec 18 17:52:28 2011
 @c This file is part of Patcher.
 prompt you for the project's location every time it is needed (such
 projects are called ``floating'' projects). This feature may be useful
 when you maintain several clones of the same repository but want to
-define it only once in Patcher.
+define it only once in Patcher. Another potential use of this is when
+several independent projects happen to share exactly the same set of
 @vindex patcher-default-to-address
 @vindex :to-address
 directory under the parent of the project's original directory. Patcher
 does that.
+As previously mentioned for floating projects (@pxref{Project
+Descriptors}), an interesting side effect of relocation is that it
+allows you to use one particular project descriptor for another,
+completely independent project which would happen to use exactly the
+same set of options.
 @node Subprojects, Submodules, Project Relocation, Starting Up
 @subsection Subprojects