patcher / INSTALL

		    This is the INSTALL file for Patcher,
	       an XEmacs package for automating the maintenance
			  of archive-based projects.

** Please note
You must use GNU Make with this standalone distribution of Patcher.

** Edit Makefile.defs
This file is located at the top of the distribution. The settings are mine by
default, but there are commented out versions for a standard configuration.

** Build Patcher
Type `make' to do that. This builds up the elc and the info files.

** Install as an XEmacs package
Type `make install-pkg' to do that. If you want another kind of installation,
you will have to do that by hand.

** Other useful targets
You can uninstall the package by typing `make uninstall-pkg'.
You can build the documentation in other formats by typing `make FORMAT' in
the doc/ subdirectory. FORMAT is one of `dvi', `ps', `pdf', `html'. The HTML
version is built in the doc/patcher_html/ subdirectory.

	Have fun!

Didier Verna,,

EPITA / LRDE, 14-16 rue Voltaire   Tel.+33 (1) 44 08 01 85
94276 Le Kremlin-Bic�tre, France   Fax.+33 (1) 53 14 59 22


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