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* Version 3.3:
* ============

This version of Patcher has been designed in the aim of supporting projects
managed by PRCS. The following features were needed:

** New project option: :after-diff-hook
A hook run on every Patcher diff output. This hook is run before doing
anything with the diff at all (like creating ChangeLog skeletons), contrary to
the diff line filter which is used only for diff insertion in the mail buffer.

** New built-in function: patcher-prcs-diff-convert
This function is meant to be used in the hook described above, and converts a
PRCS diff output to a traditional one.

** New construct `%S' for the commit command
This construct is replaced with the log message itself. This is an alternative
to the `%s' construct which first writes the log message in a temporary file.
This construct has been designed in the aim of using the --version-log command
line option of PRCS.