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Applied patch from Oscar Figueiredo with
subject Make toolbar-paste respect pending-del
from <>.

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  • Tags sumo-1999-12-09, sumo-1999-12-11

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+1999-09-15  Oscar Figueiredo  <>
+	* pending-del.el (toplevel): Declare `yank-clipboard-selection' as 
+	one of the functions triggering pending deletion
 1999-04-13  Glynn Clements  <>
 	* pc-select.el: Use portable selection functions instead of x-*

File pending-del.el

 (put 'yank 'pending-delete t)
 (put 'yank-rectangle 'pending-delete t)
+(put 'yank-clipboard-selection 'pending-delete t)
 (put 'x-yank-clipboard-selection 'pending-delete t)
 (put 'toolbar-paste 'pending-delete t)