pcl-cvs / FAQ

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1. With what version of Emacs does PCL-CVS work ?

  PCL-CVS should work with any recent (X)Emacs as well as on NTEmacs.
  "recent" means something like "from 19.34 onward".  It might work with earlier
  Emacsen, but if it doesn't we don't necessarily consider it as a bug.

2. Faces don't quite work with Emacs-19.34

  This is because 19.34 has an old version of custom.el which PCL-CVS
  works around by disabling some of its code.  You can try installing
  a newer version of custom.el from
  or you can set up the faces in your own .emacs file.

3. The TeXinfo document seems out-of-date and/or unclear!

  Well spotted!  Please tell us what parts are outdated and give us
  some sample replacement text for the unclear parts.

4. How can I use Customize on Emacs 19.34 ?

  The customize package bundled with 19.34 is out-dated and PCL-CVS
  is only careful to work around it.  If you want better support, download
  and install a newer customize from

NN. My problem was not answered by this FAQ!

  Maybe it will be answered by the BUGS file.  Else, you can always
  send your gripes to the PCL-CVS mailing-list:

#ident @(#)$Name$:$Id$