pcl-cvs / pcl-cvs-startup.el

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;;; sample autoload entries for your site-lisp/site-start.el file

;;#ident "@(#)$Name$:$Id$"

;; don't forget to add the directory to your load-path
(setq load-path (cons "@elcdir@" load-path))

;; make sure the mode is loaded when necessary
(autoload 'cvs-update "pcl-cvs" "autoloaded pcl-cvs command" t)
(autoload 'cvs-examine "pcl-cvs" "autoloaded pcl-cvs command" t)
(autoload 'cvs-status "pcl-cvs" "autoloaded pcl-cvs command" t)
(autoload 'cvs-checkout "pcl-cvs" "autoloaded pcl-cvs command" t)
(autoload 'diff-mode "diff-mode" "autoloaded diff-mode command" t)

;; put this also if you feel like it
(setq completion-ignored-extensions (cons "CVS/" completion-ignored-extensions))

;; This works on Emacs-20.3 (and higher)
(condition-case nil
      (require 'easymenu)
       nil '("tools")
       '("PCL CVS"
	 ["Update Directory"    cvs-update    t]
	 ["Examine Directory"   cvs-examine   t]
	 ["Status Directory"    cvs-status    t]
	 ["Checkout Module"     cvs-checkout  t]) "vc"))

;; this is not strictly necessary, but adds a few goodies
(require 'pcl-cvs-hooks)