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-@(#) README,v 1.17 1996/01/01 20:58:43 ceder Exp
-This is the readme file for pcl-cvs, release XXRELEASEXX.
-This is actually not a release at all.  I give up.  See lastwill.txt.
-The rest of this file is probably correct, but the information has not
-been checked.
-This release is not intended for widespread distribution. It contains several
-bugs, among them:
-*  The diff commands ("d" and "b") do not work well on the output from
-*  The display from cvs-status is ugly.
-*  cvs-status is not documented.
-*  cvs-status is almost entirely untested.
-*  The parser is not at all fault-tolerant.
-*  The files NEWS and pcl-cvs.texinfo are not updated (the ChangeLog
-file is, however).
-Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS version 1.3.  It integrates the most
+PCL-CVS is a front-end to CVS.  It integrates the most
 frequently used CVS commands into emacs.
-This release of pcl-cvs requires Elib 0.07 or later.  Elib is no
-longer distributed with pcl-cvs, since that caused too much confusion.
-You can get Elib from in pub/emacs/elib-*.tar.gz. I
-is packed with gzip, which is available from in
+For VC users, PCL-CVS can be thought of as a VC-dired specially designed
+for CVS.  PCL-CVS is not a replacement for VC and is supposed to interact well
+with it.  It provides a global view of your project and allows execution
+of cvs commands on several files at a time.
-There is some configuration that needs to be done in pcl-cvs.el to get
-it to work.  See the instructions in file INSTALL.
+This release of PCL-CVS requires Elib version 1.0 or newer.  Elib is no
+longer distributed with PCL-CVS, since that caused too much confusion.
+You can get Elib from <URL:>,
+or of course from any GNU FTP mirror site.  You might also find a copy
+of Elib where you found this copy of PCL-CVS (see below for the primary
-Full documentation is in pcl-cvs.texinfo.  Since it requires makeinfo
-version 2 or 3 a preformatted info file is also included (
+You might also want to check out some other `recommended' packages which
+are not necessary for PCL-CVS, but will probably prove useful:
+- VC (bundled with Emacs) provides access to CVS commands from a file's buffer,
+  which is sometimes more convenient than going back to PCL-CVS' buffer.
+- diff-mode (used to be part of PCL-CVS) to better use `cvs diff' output.
+  Can be found at <URL:>
+- simple-merge-mode allows a very light weight support for resolving
+  conflicts.  It can be found at the same place as diff-mode.
-If you have been using a previous version of pcl-cvs (for instance
+See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.
+Full (but not up-to-date) documentation is in pcl-cvs.texi.
+A preformatted info file is also included (
+If you have been using a previous version of PCL-CVS (for instance
 1.02 which is distributed with CVS 1.3) you should read through the
 file NEWS to see what has changed.
-				Per Cederqvist
+Up-to-date versions of this package can be found here:
+				Stefan Monnier
+#ident @(#)v2_9_9:README,v 1.5 2000/03/03 20:58:08 monnier Exp