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-- Fix this:
+-*- outline -*-
-	In directory /local/home/woods/work.d/ipass/vnas:
-	           Modified   ci          vnas.c
-	1.24       Merged     ci 1.22     vnas.c
-	--------------------- End ---------------------
-- provide cvs-mode-rcs2log, cvs-mode-rdiff, and cvs-mode-release
+* New Features
-- prevent silly make-dir message when directory asked for by cvs-update
-doesn't end in a slash.
+** marking
+*** marking directories should jump to just after the dir.
+*** allow (un)marking directories at a time with the mouse.
+*** marking with the mouse should not move point.
-- documentation....  (esp. ChangeLog support)
+** liveness indicator
-- IMPORTANT: make cvs-mode-tag run in the background
+** indicate in docstring if the cmd understands the `b' prefix(es).
-- write 'cvs-mode-import'
+** call smerge-mode when opening CONFLICT files.
-- write 'cvs-mode-handle-new-vendor-version'
+** after-parse-hook (to eliminate *.elc from Emacs' CVS repository :-)
+** have vc-checkin delegate to cvs-mode-commit when applicable
+** higher-level CVS operations
+*** cvs-mode-rename
+*** cvs-mode-branch
+** module-level commands
+*** add support for parsing 'modules' file ("cvs co -c")
+*** cvs-mode-rcs2log
+*** cvs-rdiff
+*** cvs-release
+*** cvs-import
+*** C-u M-x cvs-checkout should ask for a cvsroot
+*** cvs-mode-handle-new-vendor-version
 	- checks out module, or alternately does update join
 	- does "cvs -n tag LAST_VENDOR" to find old files into *cvs*
-- add 'cvs-set-cvs-flags' for top level cvs command flags
+*** cvs-export
+	(with completion on tag names and hooks to
+	help generate full releases)
-- write 'cvs-mode-admin' to do arbitrary 'cvs admin' commands
+** allow cvs-cmd-do to either clear the marks or not.
-- add 'cvs patch' support (with completion on tag names and hooks to
-help generate ChangeLog files with rcs2log, etc.) 
+** allow more concurrency: if the output buffer is busy, pick a new one.
-- add 'cvs export' support (with completion on tag names and hooks to
-help generate full releases)
+** configurable layout/format of *cvs*.
-- add 'cvs-mode-version' to call 'cvs -v' [on ^C-cv ?] (really???)
+** display stickiness information.  And current CVS/Tag as well.
-- re-write rcs2log in e-lisp.
+** cvs-log-mode should know how to extract version info
+	cvs-log-current-tag is a nop right now :-(
-- add support for parsing 'modules' file ("cvs co -c")
+** write 'cvs-mode-admin' to do arbitrary 'cvs admin' commands
-- enhance 'cvs-mode-rtag'
+** cvs-mode-incorporate
+	It would merge in the status from one ``*cvs*'' buffer into another.
+	This would be used to populate such a buffer that had been created with
+	a `cvs {update,status,checkout} -l'.
-- fix 'cvs-examine'
+** cvs-mode-(i)diff-other-{file,buffer,cvs-buffer}
-- write 'cvs-mode-checkout' and 'cvs-mode-checkout-other-window'
+** offer the choice to kill the process when the user kills the cvs buffer.
+	right now, it's killed without further ado.
-- write 'cvs-mode-release'
+** make `cvs-mode-ignore' allow manually entering a pattern.
+	to which dir should it apply ?
-- add an update mode that keeps all files
+** cvs-mode-ignore should try to remove duplicate entries.
-	- this will require all commands to work only on non-up-to-date
-	files
+* Old misfeatures
-#ident	"@(#)cvs/tools/pcl-cvs:R-2_0-Beta_2:Id$"
+** cvs-mode-<foo> commands tend to require saving too many buffers
+	they should only require saving the files concerned by the command
+* Secondary issues
+** maybe poll/check CVS/Entries files to react to external `cvs' commands ?
+** some kind of `cvs annotate' support ?
+	but vc-annotate can be used instead.
+* probably not worth the trouble
+** dynamic `g' mapping
+	Make 'g', and perhaps other commands, use either cvs-update or
+	cvs-examine depending on the read-only status of the cvs buffer, for
+	instance.
+** add message-levels so that we can hide some levels of messages
+#ident @(#)v2_9_9:TODO,v 1.35 2000/03/05 21:39:30 monnier Exp