pcl-cvs / pcl-cvs-info.el

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   :group 'pcl-cvs
   :type '(boolean))
 ;;;; Faces for fontification
 ;;;; Utility functions
 (defun cvs-applicable-p (fi-or-type func)
   "Check if FUNC is applicable to FI-OR-TYPE.
 If FUNC is nil, always return t.
 (defun cvs-fileinfo-pp (fileinfo)
   "Pretty print FILEINFO.  Insert a printed representation in current buffer.
 For use by the cookie package."
      ((memq type '(UP-TO-DATE NEED-UPDATE))
       (setf (cvs-fileinfo->merge fi) nil)))))
 (defun cvs-fileinfo< (a b)
   "Compare fileinfo A with fileinfo B and return t if A is `less'.
 The ordering defined by this function is such that directories are
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