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File pcl-cvs-parse.el

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   :type '(regexp :value "$"))
 (defcustom cvs-parse-ignored-messages
-  '("Executing ssh-askpass to query the password.*$")
+  '("Executing ssh-askpass to query the password.*$"
+    ".*Remote host denied X11 forwarding.*$")
   "*A list of regexps matching messages that should be ignored by the parser.
 Each regexp should match a whole set of lines and should hence be terminated
 by `$'."
       (REGEXP "cvs[.ex]* \\[[a-z]+ aborted\\]:.*$")
-      (cvs-parsed-fileinfo 'MESSAGE nil))
+      (cvs-parsed-fileinfo 'MESSAGE ""))
      ;; sadly you can't do much with these since the path is in the repository
      (REGEXP "Directory .* added to the repository$")
        (REGEXP " *Sticky Options:[ \t]*\\(.*\\)$")) ; FIXME: use it
      (REGEXP "$")
+     ;; ignore the tags-listing in the case of `status -v'
+     (ALT (REGEXP " *Existing Tags:\n\\(\t.*\n\\)*\n$") t)
      (cvs-parsed-fileinfo type path nil
 			  :base-rev base-rev
 			  :head-rev head-rev))))