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pcl-cvs / RELEASING

This file itemizes the steps that needs to be taken when making a release.

* Make sure that all changes are documented in pcl-cvs.texinfo.
  Use the ChangeLog to see what has been changed, both in the 
  code and in pcl-cvs.texinfo.

* Assign a release number (1.03).  Update the following files:

	* Makefile		; VER

* Make sure that the -date- in pcl-cvs.texinfo is correct.

* Check the copyrights and add todays year if appropriate.

* Write an apropriate README.

* Update the @node	Contributors in pcl-cvs.texinfo.

* Update known bugs and future enhancements in pcl-cvs.texinfo.

* Run ispell on pcl-cvs.texinfo.

* "make info" and fix INSTALL.

* Write an entry in the ChangeLog.

* Fix the NEWS file.

* Check files-to-compile in compile-all.el

* Check the doc-string in cvs-mode.

* Run tex on pcl-cvs.texinfo, and view the result.

* Check in everything.

* Run "cvs tag R_1_0" in the pcl-cvs directory.

* Make a tar file with "make tar".